I can’t say enough good things about Sisarina. They are professional and an absolute blast to work with. We not only use them for in-house projects (website, business cards, booth banners, etc.), we’ve also brought them in to team with us on our client projects. I loved their work so much that I had them design my personal website/blog site.- Design to Delivery, Diana Dibble Kurcfeld
Director of Pixels
Jason Malmberg

His Story

While Melanie had 8 part-time designers, I toiled away at a magazine with dreams of being able to do bigger things. After having my head filled with branding grandeur, I was lured away and everything simply snapped into place. Now I spend my days conjuring up new branding from whole cloth, reworking existing branding to play better in a new media world, and fortunate enough to play in a sandbox that runs the gamut from dead tree to mobile app. I'm the guy behind our extensive design portfolio and proud to be on this hardworking team.

As a largely self-taught designer, I have 15 years of learning on-the-job, working my way up from a newsweekly in Omaha, Nebraska to an internationally-recognized award-winning magazine in California, and now to Sisarina to explore a whole new spectrum of clients, stories and adventures. So far it's been an amazing journey allowing my work to be seen on 6 continents, over a half dozen awards in both web and print, and a very fulfilling sense of place in the world.

When not designing, I'm usually…er…designing. I have been fortunate enough to create "gig posters" and album covers for some of the best bands in the world. Aside from that, you can find me on the dance floor, on Space Mountain, or on the arid polo fields at Coachella every April. I'm also rather fond of bourbon, puppies, kitties, and bike riding.

What do you really do at work?

Stay current, rock out, throw impromptu dance parties with my dog, curse at the computer when it runs slow, mix colors and shapes and words like Kool Herc. 


What was your favorite chore growing up?

What? No. 


Who are your animals, children, significant other, or imaginary friend?

Amber is my boo of 4+ years.
Sophie is my pup.
Marzi is my cat. 


What's your super power?

I don't stop. I push. 


What inspires you?

Everything. Right now someone out there is making the most amazing thing you've never imagined and it could change your life at any moment. And that person could be you. 

We live by our core values: 

.@operationeatery - @MonsterGriffin is curled up on @MelanieSpring's lap now. It's all good. #happydog pic.twitter.com/paQhCdV4Am