Chief Culture Officer
Rebecca Gunter

What do you really do at work?

I nourish the people! Bring them food, provide unconditional support, expand their worlds. Being the “work mom” is the best job ever.

What was your favorite chore growing up?

I’m the master at making family meal.

Who are your animals, children, significant other, or imaginary friend?

Oldest of three; mother of one; chef-wife. Caretaker of many: frenetic dog, aloof cat, and kind-hearted, well-loved, oft-forgetful “Grandpa.”

What's your super power?

Using my xray vision to see into the heart of every situation.

What inspires you?

When other people are “in the zone’ and creatively expressed. I am ignited by their kickassedness.


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Her Story

Rebecca is constantly pushing folks to #dreambigger. Got an idea for a product, program, or initiative? Go big or go home. Want to start a company? Flip the script on your industry. Stuck in “the way we’ve always done things?” Innovate.

Educated at George Washington University, street-schooled in entrepreneurship, and learned in the ways of business, Rebecca has helped many people strategize and market their projects for over 20 years.

Rebecca serves as a “change agent” for people who are stuck. She helps people orchestrate positive evolution and overcome obstacles. She keeps folks motivated to push beyond expectations and to keep doing things in remarkable ways.

Rebecca wears many hats (and titles):

As a Brand Strategist, Rebecca is in charge of bringing the good stuff to the table: creative ideas, great advice, and solid implementation. She is building a community of entrepreneurs at Brands That Rock. She is leading a team of two to create amazing custom content. She is helping clients rock their brands in meetings, online, and through deliverables.

As a Content Strategist, Rebecca has a way with words that is unparalleled. Her father was a college English professor rubbing off on her to create powerful words for others. With her love for the English language, she was spotted crafting taglines and descriptions at an Unplugged workshop and Melanie couldn't resist pulling her onboard Sisarina. You'll see her magic in our projects, our website, and our case studies.

As the #1-est #2, Rebecca takes on the front line sales job plus the caregiver role at the office being a sensational ombudsman, listener, and world-class hugger. She steps in to remind Melanie to shake her awesome in everyone's faces and is on the same wavelength often exclaiming "Get out of my head!"

Rebecca stays true to her Pennsylvania roots with her love of camping, dogs, and green space. She thrives in her adopted hometown of DC (21 years, represent) with her love of Go-Go, women in business, and mumbo sauce.