Director of Cuteness

What do you really do at work?

Chase balls, beg for carrots, follow coworkers into the kitchen, show off my cuteness.

What was your favorite chore growing up?

Scaring away the UPS man.

Who are your animals, children, significant other, or imaginary friend?

I'm actually a cat. 

What's your super power?

Cleaning myself so my mom doesn't have to give me a bath AND sensing the UPS man's presence with my super smell.

What inspires you?

The smell of bacon.

photo credit: Mary Gardella Photography

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His Story

With a background in being super cute and cuddly, Griffin has been deemed one of the unofficial mascots of Sisarina with his brother, Bailey. Joining the team at only a year old in 2010, he's grown up so much over the years.

Griffin has taken on his role of Director of Cuteness with fervor. You'll find him curled up in someone's lap, begging for treats, laying upside down in the sunshine as it moves around the office, and chasing a ball before eating his breakfast.

When not on duty, Griffin can be found on a hiking trail with Melanie or cleaning himself like a cat.