Girl Friday
Cheney Williams

What do you really do at work?

I wear many hats (and fabulous shoes). I'm one part administrative maven and one part creative genius, with a healthy dose of secret agent and a dash of acrobat. I keep the crew's spirits up and rule The Boss Lady's calendar. I came into this world on a Thursday, but I was born to be the Girl Friday at Sisarina HQ.

What was your favorite chore growing up?

Cleaning windows! When I was little, I'd go round to every glass surface in my house spritzing Windex with reckless abandon. I think I single-handedly kept the paper towel industry alive back then.

Who are your animals, children, significant other, or imaginary friend?

A scruffy little rescue dog named Murray. He's 17 pounds of pure snuggles and has a serious penchant for belly rubs. I also have a fish named Bryce (short for Bryce "Dafish" Howard).

What's your super power?

I have two… 1) being able to see the humor in a situation and put a positive spin on almost anything and 2) being insanely good at 'name that tune'. I once identified "Purple Rain" from a mere 3 seconds of the intro. *mic drop* 

What inspires you?

Like Griffin, the smell of bacon. But also people who flaunt their flaws and are unapologetically themselves. I'm always in awe of those who reject the norm and blaze their own trail. Perfection is boring!


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Her Story

Cheney runs on imagination, organization, and iced coffee. As Girl Friday at Sisarina, Cheney is Melanie's assistant and project manager for matters both internal and client–related. She keeps the machine oiled and the trains running on time, due largely to her innate organization and multitasking abilities. She just knew alphabetizing her Nancy Drew collection and color–coding her class schedule would come in handy one day!

While Cheney kept herself academically balanced at Georgetown University, studying film, language, and music, she graduated cum laude with a degree in Government. She was most interested in constitutional law, civil liberties, and the history of the American criminal justice system. In fact, she was fortunate enough to be a student in Professor Marc Howard’s inaugural course on prisons and the penal system, the most recent iteration of which was recently chronicled in the Washington Post.

A born-and-bred Marylander, Cheney’s blood type is Old Bay and she knew how to eat crabs before she could ride a bike. A self-proclaimed “indoor cat” she grew up singing, performing, and with a deep love for arts n’ crafts. 

Cheney is happiest when she’s helping other people, whether it’s in an administrative capacity, donating her time/money, or simply being a good friend. Her natural optimism and sense of humor match perfectly with the upbeat and quirky vibe at Sisarina. Her personal motto? Make 'em laugh!