Director of Code
AJ Pircio

What do you really do at work?

I answer a lot of support and e-mail issues. When I'm not doing that I'm focusing on either client work or developing technologies that help our clients use their website.

What was your favorite chore growing up?

Mowing the lawn! Nothing like putting on my casette walkman and getting my shoes green.

Who are your animals, children, significant other, or imaginary friend?

I have a whiny dog named Stitch, and 2 cats named Butters and Sneakers. I have 2 children Allison and Alex and my wife of over 5 years, Alicia. Yes we all have A-names :)

What's your super power?

I'm able to recall what my thought processes were when I was developing something months, even possibly years ago. This is tremendously helpful when something unforseen happens... I can almost immediately go "yep, I know why" even though it might have been something I haven't touched in ages.

What inspires you?

I don't think I've ever had a job that both allows the freedoms to focus on things I want to be focused on while working from home in a stable living situation. I've been very fortunate to find myself a great job and a great team.

His Story

I'm a modern day visionary when it comes to web solutions and technologies because I love to make it work. President of MassiveLAN, a gaming group in Western NY - Computers, table-top, outdoors, cards, you name it I play it.

With hundreds of completed projects for Sisarina under my belt so far, I've helped them develop an easy-to-use Content Management System called picoCMS allowing clients to keep their sites updated without hassle. This keeps me free to create new things instead of doing maintenance.

With an academic history stemming from early years of self-taught programming, I started at age 13. Attending St. Bonaventure University for one year, I learned one very important thing: sometimes the best teacher can be yourself.