Unity Health Care


The Sisarina Crew is phenomenal at what they do. Unity Health Care provides tremendous health care services to over 100,000 patients annually and we were looking to reposition Unity to showcase our innovation, growth and commitment to service in the community. Melanie gracefully and patiently guided our staff through the process of redefining our vision and creating a fresh, modern look and feel to our brand. We are tremendously happy with the outcome and couldn’t be any more grateful to have Sisarina guide us in this process.
- Nedra Davis, Communications Manager

Building Community, Building Brands

Unity Health Care

Once upon a time, there was a non-profit that worked relentlessly to provide disenfranchised populations with access to quality healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. They set up shop in homeless shelters, brick and mortar care centers, prisons, and schools. They amassed a team of passionate — and compassionate — doctors, nurses, and administrative folks who take their jobs very, very seriously. They did it this way for thirty years.

Then the city itself, Washington DC, started to change, and change rapidly. Communities transposed overnight, displacing some and replacing others. Boarded-up buildings and empty storefronts gave way to million-dollar condo buildings and fancy grocery stores. As the homeless population became even more marginalized and shoved out, the working professionals and high-level executives/politicos moved in.

As a result of this shift, big decisions needed to be made. Stay true to the original mission or evolve to include the new demographics?  The board couldn’t agree on a plan of action, so it was time to call for backup. Time to bring in the experts.

Enter Sisarina.

As fate would have it, Unity Health Care hired a rockstar communications manager to help them learn how to talk about who they are, who they help, and what sets them apart from national healthcare concerns. And she knew Sisarina’s work (see testimonial on left).

It was at that point that Sisarina and Unity Health Care forged a partnership that gets things done.

  • When Unity Health Care needed to get all of their board and staff members on the same page, Sisarina was there.

    Melanie hosted full-day workshops that unified the participants on the Unity Health Care brand: one with the executive team, and one with a cross-section of departmental allstars. She facilitated the tough decisions and got everyone — from the founder to the floorboards — on the same page to evolve the brand in one direction.

    The result: Unity Health Care has a laser-like focus on their communities – no matter what.

  • When Unity wanted a brand-new look and all of the associated print materials, Sisarina was there.

    The Sisarina Crew worked with their super-talented graphic designer to update all of Unity’s print collateral and templates that show off their new look, consistently and across the board. We revamped the letterhead, business cards, press kits, pocket folders, and anything else a large, multi-site nonprofit organization might need.

    The result: Every single touchpoint from Unity Health Care carries the organization's updated image and reinforces their continued message.

  • When Unity needed Brand Guidelines to make absolutely sure that everyone on the team use the same words, the same graphics, and the same colors, Sisarina was there.

    Based on our workshops and research, Sisarina assembled a deep and detailed living document, a Brand Guide that established the voice and personality of Unity Health Care and governs every aspect of communication going forward. It is the basis for all interactions on behalf of Unity – from job postings to press releases, fundraising to program development, call centers to social media.

    The result: The organization now has a basis for all interactions and rests assured that every person in the company — present and future — can speak, write, and communicate “on brand.”

  • When the communications team needed help writing lively and interesting brochures, press kits, and one-pagers, Sisarina was there.

    Sisarina acted as a writing coach and cheerleader for the communications team, helping them craft their language in ways that reflect the values of their communities and spark interest in the reader.

    The result: punchier, more engaging content that says as much about the way that Unity Health Care does business as the words themselves.

  • When Unity needed to create the recipe for a fresh website, Sisarina was there.

    Sisarina outlined a web design scope, which was turned over to a vetted team of nimble web designers and developers. They used this blueprint to build the new Unity Health Care website to exact specifications, making it easy for the organization and the service provider to communicate and get the expected results – without the expensive back-and-forth.

    The result: Unity got a brand-new website: gorgeous to look at, easy to use, and completely responsive. Their patients now have access to online resources, a personal patient portal, and service information – right at their fingertips.