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Listening to Melanie at a marketing conference, I found myself nodding my head enthusiastically to everything she shared. We brought her in to inspire our marketing managers and got more than we expected - a whole new look at our brand persona & a voice to match. Her energy, perspective, and big picture thinking adds a whole new level to how we look at our brand and our marketing. Taylor Morrison keeps pulling Sisarina in on new projects from creating & launching sub-brands to creating a marketing plan around a specific project. Their ideas are always a breath of fresh air. If we could keep them all to ourselves, we would. Plan to rock your marketing AND your brand when you hire them.
- - Stormy Rasmussen, Director of Marketing at Taylor Morrison

How’d You Do That? A Sisarina Case Study

Taylor Morrison

Picture it: you’re a Fortune 1000 company, one of the largest public homebuilders in the United States. Your rise to become “America’s Most Trusted Homebuilder” has been a battle of attrition. You’ve got a focused strategy in place and noses are to the grindstone. You’re driving your team forward on four principles: pursuing core locations; building distinctive communities; maintaining a cost-efficient culture; and appropriately balancing price with pace in the sale of your homes.

Your marketing managers are at full-throttle, building brand awareness for Taylor Morrison on local and national levels. Your corporate office is hard at work developing sub-brands in specific markets for specific customers. Your communications team is making slow and steady progress beating back the stigmas that cloud the industry as a whole, a direct result of the housing & mortgage crisis of the last decade.  

But you’re out of bandwidth. There’s only so much you can do in a day. It’s time to call in reinforcements.

Enter Sisarina.

As fate would have it, your Corporate Director of Marketing attends a professional workshop where she gets super inspired by Melanie Spring, Chief Inspiration Officer at Sisarina. (See quote on the left)

It was there Sisarina and Taylor Morrison forged a partnership that gets things done.

  • When Taylor Morrison needed to get all of their newly appointed Marketing Managers from new divisions and acquisitions, Sisarina was there.

    Melanie hosted an all day workshop that unified all of the participants on the Taylor Morrison brand: how to talk about it, how to be about it, how to inspire your team to be about it, too.

    The result: Taylor Morrison inspires their nationwide marketing teams to live the brand.

  • When Taylor Morrison wanted to provide onboarding support for three newly acquired divisions, Sisarina was there.

    Rebecca worked intimately with the team to develop social media platforms specific to each location: Raleigh, Charlotte, and Chicago. She provided weekly social media consultations for the division president and marketing team. She interviewed over a dozen key players and community sales managers to produce engaging, multifaceted content.

    The result: Taylor Morrison provides comprehensive support to local marketing teams to jumpstart social medial channels and develop regional brand voices.

  • When Taylor Morrison developed a new sub-brand of residential communities focused on 30-something urbanites and needed to build something from scratch, Sisarina was there.

    Melanie and the crew brainstormed names, designed the logo, and created Branding Guidelines.

    The result: Taylor Morrison launches a remarkable new sub-brand called Townsend.

  • When Taylor Morrison and Hanley Wood decided to become the main sponsor of one of the biggest trade shows in the industry -- the International Builders Show 2017 -- Sisarina was there.

    Melanie and the team came up with the marketing plan based on a campaign called “NEXTadventure”. We created the logo and Branding Guidelines for the project. We created a design scope for the website, email marketing template, and Pinterest.

    Currently, Sisarina meets with the “heads of state” bi-monthly to learn new developments in building the NEXTadventure home. Rebecca conducts interviews with key players on hot topics and spins them into blog posts for both consumer and B2B readers. Isang, our social media specialist, dives headfirst into social media surrounding the IBS2017 event and reports back to the team with social strategies and top influencers.

    The result: Taylor Morrison excites and engages a community of builders, suppliers, sponsors, and consumers about IBS2017 and the NEXTadventure home, while simultaneously generating oodles of promotional content for their sub-brand Esplanade.

If this is the kind of brand magic that excites you about the future of your Fortune 1000 company, bring Sisarina to the table. Our quick and nimble marketing minds plug directly into your organization, producing electrifying results.

Send us a love note and talk to our crew about how Sisarina can help you build a better brand.