Mathematical Association of America


"Melanie and her team had their work cut out for them – we're a brand with 100 years of history. We needed to reflect who our members are now and the changing times, from advances in technology to the evolving demographics of math lovers. With Sisarina's help, MAA now has a beautiful brand book and the ability to tell the world how math affects society."
- Kristen Wesley, Director of Marketing and Communication

How’d You Do That? A Sisarina Case Study

Making Math Fun

Consider the Age of Enlightenment, when esteemed groups of big thinkers generated knowledge in the realm of science, math, and language. Over a century ago, mathematicians formed societies for the advancement of these intellectual pursuits, and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) was born.

MAA was born in a time when their profile was almost certain to be made up of 100% white men. The times have obviously evolved – society is more inclusive of women and people of color in academic and scientific endeavors so the MAA started to seem like a pretty old-fashioned club. Not one everyone wanted to belong.

How do you revitalize your organization to attract the best and the brightest and to foster a great love of mathematics? They hadn’t updated their brand story in over 100 years. It was time to make math fun.

Enter Sisarina.

Kristen Wesley, MAA's Director of Marketing and Communication was hired to solve this problem. And she knew just who to call. Sisarina and MAA partnered to define their brand and make math fun.

  • MAA needed to get every team member on the same page, from the executive directors to the newest staff member:

Melanie hosted a half-day Define Your Brand workshop with a cross-section of the company that unified the MAA brand. Then she spent another half-day with the leadership team, and also the Board of Directors. Melanie facilitated the tough conversations and got everyone on the same page about what makes math fun, without it feeling cheesy or forced.

The conclusion was that “All Is Number”. That everything we see and do is somehow related to math. From hopscotch and string theory to playing poker and the formulas that send rockets into space - human beings see the world through the lens of math.

The result: MAA has reinvented itself as a fresh face in the world of academia and research, a desireable club of super smarty pants who also saw the world in ones and zeros (and fractions and variables, and…..)

  • MAA needed an updated Purpose Statement, Core Values, Quick Pitch, and Brand Voice:

    Melanie worked intimately with MAA's leadership and marketing department to bring each of these things to life, getting everyone excited about the wonderful world of math.

    It’s a tremendously cool time for the mathematical set. Brilliant, yet pop-culture-friendly scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson are making math relevant and alluring to even the most skeptical (or uninterested).

    The result: A great new way of talking about math and being part of an awesome club that loves math just as much as you do.


  • MAA needed to take these new insights and turn them into a Brand Book:

    The Sisarina Crew worked with their super-talented graphic designer to create a visually stunning MAA Brand Book chockfull of information to guide everyone at MAA in how to talk about and represent the brand.

    MAA’s love of mathematics shows in everything that they do. From national events to scholarships and mentoring programs, MAA lives and breathes math and its ability to provoke wonder and discovery.

    The result: Every sponsor, staff, and supporter knows what is so special about MAA and can easily convince anyone that math is indeed fun.


Does this sound like something you’ve just got to have for your company? Get that Sisarina magic in your own Define Your Brand workshop, and build your unique Brand Book that gets people talking about you and saying all the right things.