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I went in to a full day session with the hopes of getting clarity around the message that the coaching business and soon to launch book and speaking tour would have. One of her core values is to get people to dream bigger and not only was the dream expanded, it also has a clear path to navigate with clear deadlines, action items and accountability. The coach has been coached. This wonderfully quirky woman really gets it, worked me hard to dive deep, and lives what she does.
- Kris Kaplan

GiddyUp – K2 Coaching

Who Coaches the Coach?

If you are a seasoned business builder and have successfully turned a single store into a regional retail giant, you’ve got a whole lot of knowledge and tremendous acumen. After 30 years, it’s natural to evolve into someone who helps other people build their businesses.

Kris Kaplan is a beast in the boardroom, inspiring corporate teams of upper management to rally behind goals and ideals. He uses his experience and expertise to motivate big companies to approach growth with proven strategy and energized team-building.

Kris was absolutely amazing in person. But couldn’t get his essence captured on paper. He needed the K2 Brand to look and talk just like he did. He needed materials to use in coaching sessions and workshops. He needed branded processes so his sales pipeline was consistently and totally him. He needed help developing a talk and a book.  

Enter Sisarina.

Kris knew he needed Melanie.

It was at that point that Sisarina and K2 Coaching partnered to develop the brand.

  • K2 Coaching needed a brand that said and did the same things as Kris.

    Melanie hosted full-day workshops pulling information from Kris’ head and creating worksheets, workbooks, and scripts. Melanie facilitated the tough conversations and got Kris talking about K2 Coaching in a way that felt right to him, and that was appealing to his clients.  

    Our findings: it wasn’t the tools, or the Tony Robbins-esque stylings, or the Gazelles training, it was Kris. Uniquely charismatic, big-picture thinking, and always doing the right things for the right reasons, Kris was able to connect from the CEO to the mail clerk  and everyone in between. He got people thinking about their own superpowers and how aligning personal goals with those of the business. His methodology aligned big business and the people who work there for amazing results.

    The result: K2 Coaching gives its corporate clients a brand they can trust, one that looks, acts, and feels just like Kris Kaplan.

  • K2 Coaching needed marketing materials, and needed them to look amazing.

    The Sisarina Creative team produced a cadre of marketing materials to support Kris’ growth to the next level.

    The result: Worksheets, workbook, website, social media profiles, sales scripts, processes: they are all on brand. High-profile and high-end look and feel to a guy who had to have a brand he could stand behind with confidence.

  • Kris Kaplan needed a talk he could give at conferences and in other public forums.

    Melanie worked with Kris to make sure that his delivery was as compelling as his message. She worked with him to make sure that his talk was clear, concise, and engaging. And she gave him a branded powerpoint presentation that he can be proud of.

    The result: Kris rocks his talk on stage and generates more enthusiasm for his message and his business.

Does this sound like something you’ve just got to have for your company? Get the Sisarina magic in your own Define Your Brand workshop, and build your unique Branded Materials to get people talking about you and saying all the right things. Find out more here.