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"Melanie and her team had their work cut out for them – we're a brand with 100 years of history. We needed to reflect who our members are now and the changing times, from advances in technology to the evolving demographics of math lovers. With Sisarina's help, MAA now has a beautiful brand book and the ability to tell the world how math affects society."
Mathematical Association of America
Listening to Melanie at a marketing conference, I found myself nodding my head enthusiastically to everything she shared. We brought her in to inspire our marketing managers and got more than we expected - a whole new look at our brand persona & a voice to match. Her energy, perspective, and big picture thinking adds a whole new level to how we look at our brand and our marketing. Taylor Morrison keeps pulling Sisarina in on new projects from creating & launching sub-brands to creating a marketing plan around a specific project. Their ideas are always a breath of fresh air. If we could keep them all to ourselves, we would. Plan to rock your marketing AND your brand when you hire them.
Taylor Morrison
The Sisarina Crew is phenomenal at what they do. Unity Health Care provides tremendous health care services to over 100,000 patients annually and we were looking to reposition Unity to showcase our innovation, growth and commitment to service in the community. Melanie gracefully and patiently guided our staff through the process of redefining our vision and creating a fresh, modern look and feel to our brand. We are tremendously happy with the outcome and couldn’t be any more grateful to have Sisarina guide us in this process.
Unity Health Care
I went in to a full day session with the hopes of getting clarity around the message that the coaching business and soon to launch book and speaking tour would have. One of her core values is to get people to dream bigger and not only was the dream expanded, it also has a clear path to navigate with clear deadlines, action items and accountability. The coach has been coached. This wonderfully quirky woman really gets it, worked me hard to dive deep, and lives what she does.
K2 Coaching
A phenomenal company and a phenomenal job on my branding. I love the website Sisarina developed for my law firm. They did something with the site which I didn’t know was possible… captured the essence of my firm. Then Melanie prepared a marketing plan for the firm and it was clear that she put true thought into her work. She researched the industry, understood the marketplace and created a plan that was completely customized for us. It’s a work of art. Moreover, she’s now been working with us to implement that plan. I'm impressed with how Sisarina helps clients really live their brand.
Momentum Law Group
It wasn’t that we didn’t know we needed a new brand. The key thing about working with Sisarina was that they opened our eyes to what our brand could (and should) be. I felt throughout the entire process that Sisarina’s focus was on creating a winning brand strategy, not trying to impress me or maximize the money we were spending. This focus really showed in the outcome of the engagement – a brand that helps us win.
EJ Caimen
We are so excited about the brand and website Sisarina created for us! We have received lots of enthusiastic feedback for what we launched… even from our peers. Melanie and her team, including her strategic photography partner Mary Gardella, have taken the time to patiently work with us to build a brand that TRULY reflects who we are and what we do for our clients. It’s fresh, beautiful and completely different than anything we would have gotten from one of our industry providers. We can’t wait to build on what we have launched and we really feel like Sisarina ROCKED our brand.
Omega Wealth Management
Working with Melanie and the Sisarina team has been an exceptional experience. I was thrilled by how quickly her team was able to understand my vision, design a beautiful brand and implement the site and technology behind it. This is a professional team that operates at high performance levels and keeps a great attitude the whole time. I’ve rarely worked with such an innovative and creative company!
Her Corner