Branding Improv for Your Burning Questions

Have questions about your branding, marketing or how to rock your business? Melanie Spring & Rebecca Gunter have answers! Ok, not ALL the answers, but collectively we know a lot about this stuff and love to hear the burning questions. And we’re damn good at giving impromptu feedback together.

Open Mic is an open virtual session on Blab where you can ask us anything you want. Jump on during the dates posted below (starting February 2016) and we’ll be there to answer.

Open Mic goes with our Brand Practice podcast. Brand Practice is where Melanie & Rebecca talk about topics we’re seeing affecting entrepreneurs and corporate leadership. Listen to the podcast when you have time and then bring your questions for a live Q&A session twice a month (pre-posted schedule below). Other Brands That Rock rockstars will be there to ask questions and jump in to provide insight into what they’ve found to be true in their business. You can even send us your questions ahead of time with the form below.

If we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, spend time with other rockstars. This is a community for building your business, your brand, and sharing marketing insight. We can do it better together. Let’s rock your brand.


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Open Mic starts February 2016

We've got some magic up our sleeves.

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