HERadventures: A Podcast Series for Kickass Women

You’ve had a life of adventure. We want to share your story.

"My grandmother once sent me a thank you card with a drawing of a little older lady wearing a hat with a flower in it. She's in her 90's and has beautiful cursive handwriting from the days of letter-writing. On the back of the card she wrote the names of her family members, the ship that brought them to the US, and the date of their arrival. She told me to look up more 'in the internet.' I immediately wanted to drive to her home to sit at her feet and ask her all of her stories." - Melanie Spring

Ever wish you could sit with your grandmother and download all of her stories? Maybe she's told you a lot over the years or maybe she's gone and you'll never have the chance. Women's stories are shared between girlfriends without much thought. We wanted to capture them and tell them to the world. THIS was the inspiration for HERadventures.

The HERadventures series is a part of Adventures in Branding, a podcast for kickass humans. It gives you the chance to hear women's stories of building businesses, launching passion projects, raising families, being in relationships, all of it - but really, we want to know what made them awesome enough to change the world. 

The Mary/Melanie Magic

Who's the WE? HERadventures is the brainchild of Melanie Spring and Mary Gardella. Mary is our brand photographer (love our photos? She rocks!) and one of the most inspired humans we know. (Scroll down for more on each of them)

Mary and Melanie hit the road for their own adventures (think: rollercoasters, ziplining, and hiking) while starting conversations with women about their lives, their personal brands, and their adventures. They'll chat with women the same way they chat with their girlfriends (over coffee or wine) - no "interviews" or "tell us about a time..." stuff. Just real conversations.


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Our Second Adventure: DC & Baltimore

February 6 & 7

Playing in Washington, DC - February 6
Enjoying Baltimore, MD - February 7

With Melanie living on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and Mary living in Baltimore, Maryland, we thought it would be amazing to hit up our own cities and rock a super diverse group of ladies. So, we asked our favorite women to bring a best friend, mother, sister, daughter - and join us on the HERadventures series. We're THRILLED to share our local adventure and everything we learn. 

First Stop: Washington, DC

The Adventure: TBD

The Ladies: TBD


Second Stop: Baltimore, MD

The Adventure: TBD

The Ladies: TBD


> CATCH UP: Our First Adventure: The Carolinas


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Podcast + Photography

On their adventures, Melanie will be podcasting through Adventures in Branding episodes while Mary takes real portraits of our guests shares them for HERproject. These stories & portraits will become part of a curated collection of powerful images that tell a larger narrative about empowered women in the modern age.

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Who's Mary Gardella?

Empowering Women - Mary Gardella

Mary Gardella is on a mission to put the traditional “head n’ shoulders” headshot out of fashion. Experience a completely unique professional portrait. Mary’s images capture the “essence” of her subjects in one-of-a-kind photographs to use for work and personal branding.

HER Essence, Redefined PROJECT (HERproject) is a special initiative destined to capture the mood and energy of big movements and industry innovations. By curating collections of individual portraits of participants and attendees, HERproject delivers a unique documentation of any conference, meeting, or event.

MARY'S STORY: Like a path that curves and slopes, narrows and widens, my 30 year image journey has helped shape me into the person I am today. From photo essays about heroin addiction to capturing the Pope’s visit to the US as a newspaper photojournalist helped me gain a deep understanding of the human condition, it’s frailty & strength.  Family & Wedding life photography gave me a better perspective on the moments that make up the history of human life – all the little things we take for granted & the momentous occasions that bring family & friends together.  Now I’m focused on creating empowerment portraiture for women.

Every single image I make is a gift from my soul to yours. A little piece of myself is given to you. Earning your trust and having a connection that breaks down the barriers to the real, raw truth of who you are is the greatest gift I have ever received. I’m grateful for it every single day. It is what energizes me and allows the beautiful creativity to flow. The result is a story-telling image of you at your truest self. THIS is true human art.

See more about Mary at www.marygardella.com
twitter: @marygardella
Instagram: @marygardella

What's Melanie doing?

Your Chief Inspiration Officer, Melanie Spring

Some people operate at a higher frequency. We push ourselves further with every step. And most people look at us with wonder asking how we do it. We’re nuts. But that’s what we’ve been put here to do. I’m Melanie, the super positive boss lady driven to succeed while helping others build the life AND business they’ve always dreamed of creating. (SUCH a cool job.)
I’m your approachable badass. Approachable in the sense that my positivity and charisma will make you want to be my friend (it’s innate and I’m not sorry). Badass because I’ll push you WAY past your point of comfort and make sure you see the bigger picture (it gets a little teeter-tottery out there).
A few years ago I went on the Live Your Brand Tour interviewing 18 companies about how they live their brand and publishing them all in Entrepreneur Magazine. Now, I'm putting out a podcast for kickass humans called Adventures in Branding - while also traveling with Mary to bring you stories of women for HERadventures. 
Check me out at www.melaniespring.com
twitter: @melaniespring 
Instagram: @melaniespring 

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