Need a Professional Pick-Me-Up?

Hi, Human Resources folks! We know how much you love your humans.

Every year you're tasked with hosting a Professional Development Day. A day for your whole team to work on things that will make them better people, which makes for a better organization. You know how this works - finding someone inspiring to keynote, creating workshops that your people will find useful, and to do lists they can start implementing right away. We just made it easy! You can bring Melanie Spring, our Chief Inspiration Officer, to get your team on the same page with your brand rocking their jobs. 

Professional Development Workshops

You like choices. So, here are two.
Or customize your own!


1. Half Day Team Workshop

Rock Your Job - A Success Workshop

Your organization's job is to help your clients succeed. Your job is to build inspiration so they can. Melanie Spring will rock your socks through a brand workshop to get everyone on the same page in ways you never thought possible.
In this workshop, you'll get a voice in how to do business development, even if that has nothing to do with what you do on a daily basis. You'll workshop through campaign ideas, messaging, and ways to inspire your favorite customers to make sure every team member can find you find more. You'll even get to experience the hilarity of role-playing real conversations that happen in person, on the phone, AND via email.
Have your team bring an open mind, a notebook, and some great ideas.
Together, we'll rock our jobs.
Sample Agenda:
Melanie comes in the day before to go over any agenda specifics
  • 8:30am: Opening Message 
  • 9am: Rock Your Job (Melanie speaks)
  • 9:30am: Who are you inside & out? (get-to-know-you game)
  • 10:00am: Business Development Workshop
  • 11:00am: Business Development Roleplay
  • 11:30am: Wrap-up Talk, Takeaways & To Do Lists
  • 12:00pm: LUNCH

Afterward, Melanie will spend an hour with you to go over next steps and how to best integrate everything we've learned. 

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2. Team Workshop + Brand Strategy

A Super-Powered Brand Adventure

Your team is filled with super-humans. You bring superpowers with you to work every day, but your organization might not be utilizing them the best way possible. They might not even know what yours are!

If we're the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, then we better make sure we understand how awesome every one of you is so we can help you live to your full potential. You bring in Melanie Spring, Chief Inspiration Officer at Sisarina, a brand strategy agency in DC, to workshop us through an adventure in branding. Yes, you want to update your brand but you know your brand starts with your humans.

This workshop will help each of your humans you take a look at their lives, their purpose, and their brand - but in a much more interactive setting. Everyone will share more of themselves with their teams and start dreaming together about what they want your brand to look and feel like in order to fit where you're going. Once you know their superpowers, your culture and brand can grow from there.

Have your humans bring an open mind, a notebook, and some great ideas. Together, we'll rock our lives.

Proposed Workshop + Review:

Melanie comes in the day before & stays for the whole day

  • Rock Your Life: 90-minute workshop as listed above
  • Executive Branding Meeting: 90-minute meeting to review brand
  • Marketing Meeting: 90-minute meeting to review marketing
  • Dinner & evening activities with your team
  • Follow-up meeting after Development Day: 60-minute Skype call to talk through next steps

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What else will Sisarina do?

Define Your Brand Workshop

From 100-year-old associations and 30-year-old burger chains to brand-new entrepreneurs, the Define Your Brand Workshop is where we begin. 

You want people talking about you - but you want them saying the right things. Fill out our Brand Questionnaire and then schedule three hours to get clarity on your brand so we can discover what attracts your clients and keeps them talking.

find out more


Content Creation

Need branded content that humans actually want to read? We can take what you have and make sure it matches your brand voice, your company goals, and your overall style. Brainstorming, development, and writing is available for:
  • Website copy
  • Brochure & one-sheet copy
  • LinkedIn & website bios
  • Marketing copy

Marketing Strategy

Looking for a marketing strategy that isn't out of a box? We don't care what your competitors are doing as much as we care what fits you, your team, and your business goals. A from-scratch marketing strategy that plans out campaigns, platforms, and every day use.
Choose Your Own Adventure

A Client Love Note

"Unity Health Care provides tremendous health care services to over 100,000 patients annually and we were looking to reposition Unity to showcase our innovation, growth and commitment to service in the community. Melanie gracefully and patiently guided our staff through the process of redefining our vision and creating a fresh, modern look and feel to our brand. We are tremendously happy with the outcome and couldn’t be any more grateful to have Sisarina guide us in this process."

- Nedra Davis,
Communications Manager

Needing something else?

Dip Your Toe

The quickest start is a workshop that touches all aspects of your company from branding & HR to marketing & sales. You get Melanie on-site for two full days of inspiration & brainstorming + a custom brand guide to keep up the momentum.


Jump In Pants & All

Choose your own adventure & jump all the way in for 6, 9, or 12 months. Although we always start with the Define Your Brand team workshop, you decide whether you want to create your brand, evolve the one you have, or amp up the growth.