Get people talking about you the way you want

Your business has a brand. We want to know EXACTLY what your brand stands for so we can inspire everyone else to talk about you. The Define Your Brand Workshop allows you to step away from your business with a cross-section of your team to get clarity on what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it.
The biggest reason the Define Your Brand Workshop is so successful is because you walk away with the language you need to make the best decisions for your business. Our favorite part: there are no rules. Every business is different. Every workshop is different.
This workshop creates or refines your:
  • internal purpose statement 
  • external mission statement
  • brand voice 
  • brand spokesperson
  • elevator pitch
  • core values

How does it work?

First, we get you a Brand Questionnaire for a cross-section of your team to fill out. This gives us a whole bunch of insider information about who you are and if there are any disconnects.
Then we'll come to your office (or you can come to Sisarina HQ) for our 3-hour workshop. Worksheets, laughter, sharing - everyone get to say something. 
Once we're done, we'll have a list of finalized statements and values that allow you to make decisions moving forward. We'll send you the notes OR get started on building your Brand Book

How do humans feel when they think about YOUR brand?
What do you WANT them to feel?

What else can we do with you?

Build Your Brand Book

Every good coach has a playbook with the rules of the game AND how their team plays it. It's one-of-a-kind. For their eyes only.

Every business needs a Brand Book to make sure everyone is following the same guidelines.

Once we're done with the Define Your Brand workshop, let's build your Brand Book together.

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Advisory Services

You're not looking for a coach, you're looking for a partner. Someone to walk alongside you as you build your business. 
We'll look at your goals and plans and then find out what we need to do to get where you really want to go. From project management systems to hiring processes, we will work together to build the business of your dreams.
Ready to workshop it?

A Client Love Note 

Taylor Morrison brought Sisarina in to inspire our marketing managers and got more than we expected - a whole new look at our brand persona & a voice to match. Melanie's energy, perspective, and big picture thinking adds a whole new level to how we look at our brand and our marketing. Plan to rock your marketing AND your brand when you hire them.” 

Stormy Rasmussen,
National Marketing Director

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Help people talk about you

Defining your brand will make sure you give everyone the words to talk about you. Let's get your workshop on the calendar and start building your language.