The Sisarina Crew

It’s all about the humans.

We’re not the average brand strategy agency – our company is named for our founder's imaginary friend. We turn normal corporate practices upside down, from our unorthodox hiring process to our weekly check-in, "Where You At". The Sisarina Crew is a tight-knit group of professionals focused on a common goal: inspire others to show up, show off, and live on purpose.

We hire for culture and personality first. You can’t teach a temperament, and the last thing we want is for someone not to be themselves. Above all else, we look for kickass humans who want to improve the world, and since we're the average of the five people we spend the most time with (thanks, Jim Rohn), we want everyone at HQ to be on the same page of positivity. The Crew is made up of super-lovely humans who challenge and support each other, hang at weekend BBQ’s, and most importantly, can handle a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity on a Friday afternoon.

Superpowers rule at HQ. The old trope “practice what you preach” is definitely true at Sisarina. We help companies find superheroes and encourage them to rock their superpowers. Which means every one of us at HQ has to understand our own superpowers and how they balance with the rest of the Crew. We routinely reexamine the team dynamic to make sure everyone is doing exactly what they’re meant to do and that everyone’s love tank is filled. Happy crew, happy clients, happy world.

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Melanie Spring | Rebecca Gunter

Cheney WilliamsGisell Paula


Griffin Monster Bailey (RIP)

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