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Two Days of Inspired Workshops

The Quick & Dirty Overview: 
Melanie Spring & her thoughtful assistant will come to your offices for two full days. They will live and breathe your company's culture while also facilitating the following workshops. After they leave, Sisarina will create and deliver a comprehensive brand guide based on everything we learn.

Here's how the whole thing works:


Before we do anything, we'll hop on Skype to discuss your hopes, desires, and dreams for this Brand Visit. Then, we'll send you our Brand Questionnaire. Your team fills it out without peeking at each other's answers. The Questionnaire gives us a better idea of what your team feels your brand stands for and where they're hoping it will go. Once we review all of the responses, we will be able to customize this workshop to fit your needs specifically.


Define Your Brand Workshop - 3 hours
This workshop is either with your whole team or a cross-section of your team. With Melanie Spring facilitating, you'll start with team-building games (no trust-falls, we promise) in order to get everyone opened up to telling what they really think about the brand and organization. She'll then walk you through anything that came up in your Brand Questionnaires, talk about your organization's history, and get started on creating newly branded pieces that fit the organization's direction and focus. This will include your Brand Persona, Positioning Statement, Core Values, and Elevator Pitch. By the end, you'll have a clearer view of what your team really believes your brand stands for along with their hopes and dreams as an organization. 

Executive Team Workshop - 2 hours 
This is where we take everything from the Define Your Brand Workshop and present it to the Executive Team. We’ll open a discussion through facilitation of new ideas, bold direction, and get outside the box so we can create new brand ideals to work with HR, Sales & Marketing. This workshop will finalize the Positioning Statement, Core Values, and Elevator Pitch along with the Brand Persona so we can share it with the whole team once we're done.

Project Leadership Meeting- 1.5 hours
At the end of the first day, the leaders of this project will meet with Melanie to discuss how the day went, finalize any details, and create next steps to customize the following day based on brand direction from the day's meetings. 



Brand Persona Workshop - 3 hours
This is where the Marketing team gets fully involved. We will finalize and work on specifics for the Brand Persona. This will include Always/Never brainstorming, concepting the voice, visualizing the Persona in many different scenarios, and putting a plan together for how to use the voice in all of your marketing on all platforms. This will serve as a guide for the Marketing Plan & Strategy and will fit the overall outreach strategy of the organization.

Project Leadership Meeting- 2+ hours
Once the Brand Persona Workshop is completed, the leaders of this project will meet with Melanie to discuss how this will fit into the overall Marketing Plan & Strategy along with overall outreach strategy of the organization. We will discuss your current logo and graphics and how it will fit into the Brand Guide.



Brand Guide Creation: 
Sisarina will go through everything we learned in your work and create a brand guide. This brand guide will include your current logo & graphics (unless you want to update them) along with content explaining your positioning statement, your core values, and your pitch along with your brand voice, language, punctuation and tone. It will also explain colors for print and web, font styling for all types of content in print and web, along with photography and how it will be used. We will create guidelines for how blogging, newsletters, print materials, website, and email will be used and created. It will become a living document for your organization to use for everything branded.

Get Yourself A Quote

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What would it say?

What else will Sisarina do?

Logo Design

We love designing logos - from the super stylized icons and custom fonts to a simple text-based logos. We always start with your Define Your Brand workshop and a blank canvas. We take inspiration from everywhere and even add that into our proposed logo write-up for you. Let us design a custom logo or sub-brand for you.

Website Scope of Work

Sisarina used to do websites, now we do website scopes. Using all of our knowledge of how websites work alongside marketing plans, we can map a website out for you in a jiffy complete with wireframes. You can then bid it out to web design agencies and get an estimate that fits your budget AND your needs.

Content Creation

Need branded content that humans actually want to read? We can take what you have and make sure it matches your brand voice, your company goals, and your overall style. Brainstorming, development, and writing is available for:
  • Website copy
  • Brochure & one-sheet copy
  • LinkedIn & website bios
  • Marketing copy

Marketing Strategy

Looking for a marketing strategy that isn't out of a box? We don't care what your competitors are doing as much as we care what fits you, your team, and your business goals. A from-scratch marketing strategy that plans out campaigns, platforms, and every day use.
Ready for Two Days of Adventure?

A Client Love Note

"It wasn’t that we didn’t know IPMS (now EJ Caimen) needed a new brand. The key thing about working with Sisarina was that they opened our eyes to what our brand could (and should) be. I felt throughout the entire process their focus was on creating a winning brand strategy, not trying to impress me or maximize the money we were spending. This focus really showed in the outcome of the engagement – a brand that helps us win." 

Landon Phillips, EJ Caimen


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Every Brand Visit is customized to your needs. We'd love to know more, so fill out our lovely online form and we'll get some time on the calendar to discuss.

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Jump In Pants & All

Choose your own adventure & jump all the way in for 6, 9, or 12 months. Although we always start with the Define Your Brand team workshop, you decide whether you want to create your brand, evolve the one you have, or amp up the growth.


Your Development Day

Every year you're tasked with hosting a Professional Development Day. A day for your whole team to work on things that will make them better people, which makes for a better organization. We've got it covered.