The brand is the magic. The strategy is the show.

Branding can be a magical journey. You have to be ready for the adventure and open to the potential of everything that crosses your path. Business is fluid. There is no box. "This is how we've always done it" will never come up in conversations because everything changes.
The journey is different for every company. Yes, we have packages with a process and a plan, but your organization isn't the same as our other clients so we customize it to fit you perfectly. Along the way, we'll be looking for your spark - that thing that lights the sky on fire. The magic - the branded feeling you give your customers. This magical journey always starts with our Define Your Brand workshop.

Sisarina's Define Your Brand Workshop

This is where the magic begins. The Define Your Brand Workshop is an in-person three-hour workshop with your whole team OR a cross-section of your team. It's where we figure out where your brand is going so we can create the necessary goals and items to get your brand updated.
While we get this on the calendar, we send you our Brand Questionnaire. Your team fills it out without peeking at each other's answers. It gives us a better idea of what your team feels your brand stands for and where they're hoping it will go. Once we review all of the responses, we can customize this workshop to fit your needs.
With Melanie Spring facilitating, you'll start with team-building games (no trust-falls, we promise) in order to get everyone opened up to telling what they really think about the brand and organization. She'll then walk you through anything that came up in your Brand Questionnaires, talk about your organization's history, and get started on creating newly branded pieces that fit the organization's direction and focus. This will include your Brand Persona, Positioning Statement, Core Values, and Elevator Pitch.
By the end, you'll have a clearer view of what your team really believes your brand stands for along with their hopes and dreams as an organization. We'll send you all of the final notes, statements, and content while we talk through it with you to be sure it all matches your goals. Then, you'll move onto the next step - either the rest of the two-day Brand Guidance session or one of our longer-term packages.

Define Your Brand - & more:


How do humans feel when they think about YOUR brand?
What do you WANT them to feel?


You have questions. We have answers.

Branding Q&A Session

Let’s clear things up with the Q&A before we start this adventure together.
Branding as defined by
The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.
Yes, and...
Q: What is branding, really?
A: Branding is a feeling. Branding is the chills you get when you watch a Dove commercial. It’s the anticipation you have when you open a box from It’s also the frustration when you have to call the cable company… again. Those feelings are what bring you back to buy more or make you walk away quickly.

Q: What about the logo, website,... other stuff?
A: Yep! Branding is every touchpoint in your business - inside and outside. It definitely includes the creative aspects like the logo, website, and content, but the biggest voice for your brand is the people. We like to start there in order to make sure the designed and copywritten portions match what the people are saying - or what you WANT them to say.
Q: Where do those feelings come from? 
A: Every interaction with your brand. From the packaging of your product to how you take care of a problem. From the kind of day your salesperson is having to the newsletter Marketing sent out. The feelings can come from what their neighbor said about the experience with you to how the paper you use for your printed business card makes them feel.

Q: What does Sisarina's tagline "Branding. On Purpose." mean? 
A: Your company has a brand. It was started by someone who had a great idea, met a need, or wanted to use their talents. At Sisarina, we believe all humans have a purpose and when their calling aligns with the company brand, magic happens. Kismet loveliness. And our purpose is to help make your company's purpose the thing that supports it. Sometimes the humans just need a reminder of why they started working there in the first place.

Start the Branding Adventure

A Client Love Note 

Taylor Morrison brought Sisarina in to inspire our marketing managers and got more than we expected - a whole new look at our brand persona & a voice to match. Melanie's energy, perspective, and big picture thinking adds a whole new level to how we look at our brand and our marketing. Plan to rock your marketing AND your brand when you hire them.” 

Stormy Rasmussen,
National Marketing Director

Work with Sisarina

Dip Your Toe

The quickest start is a workshop that touches all aspects of your company from branding & HR to marketing & sales. You get Melanie on-site for two full days of inspiration & brainstorming + a custom brand guide to keep up the momentum. 


Jump In Pants & All

Choose your own adventure & jump all the way in for 6, 9, or 12 months. Although we always start with the Define Your Brand team workshop, you decide whether you want to create your brand, evolve the one you have, or amp up the growth.


Your Development Day

Every year you're tasked with hosting a Professional Development Day. A day for your whole team to work on things that will make them better people, which makes for a better organization. We've got it covered.