Why your employees should be on social media

We’ve all heard about it, that horror story of an employee publicly shaming their company on social media, an act that typical ends in a PR mess. As a result, many companies putting in place strict social media policies. While social media policies are imperative to protecting a company’s brand, they shouldn’t prohibit employees from being on social media altogether.


Because your employees’ presence on social media will help your company grow.

Think about it. You hire your employees for specific tasks, to be subject matter experts in their respective field. Your employees are huge assets to your business and your company’s biggest brand ambassadors. For example, say you’re a web design company that hires a designer who rocks responsive design. If she begins posting about her experience with responsive design, more people will learn about it. And, the more people who learn about her responsive design experience, the more people who will begin referring her to folks looking for a responsive website design. Those folks will become your clients and help grow your business. See how easy that is?

Here are 4 steps to make sure your employees are utilizing social media effectively to help grow your business.

  1. Create a social media policy outlining how they should be using social media outlets. Be sure to emphasize that employees are encouraged to be on social media, but give guidelines on what is acceptable social media use.
  2. Provide in-house support to those who are new to social media. Include social media training in your company’s onboarding process, and make sure new employees have someone they can contact as questions arise.
  3. Help employees craft their social media bios to highlight their areas of expertise, and include links back to your company social media accounts and website.
  4. Encourage your employees to tweet or post while they are attending networking events relevant to their area of expertise. This will help strengthen their status as a subject matter expert and expose them to new people, and potentially more clients.

Are your employees on social media? How is it adding to your business?