Who is Erin?

When Camie asked me to write a blog post about myself, I thought, "hey this will be easy." But, answering the question of who I am was way more difficult than I anticipated.


For starters, I am a lot of things: I'm a blogger, a historian, a social media enthusiast, and an avid fan of a variety of television shows. All of these aspects of my personality are important to me, but my passion for all things social media and blogging are the two that have been consistent through my entire life.


I started my very first blog when I was 13. It was on a site called Xanga, a website that is now one of the Internet's relics: many people only go to Xanga to see what they were up to 8 years ago (something I do more than I’d like to admit).


I was one of the first people on Facebook in 2005, and for a while Facebook was the only major social platform out there. In January 2010, I found a website called Tumblr. I started an account on a whim, with no intention of it consuming my entire life. Three years later, Tumblr has become a part of my being and I can’t imagine a life without it.

When I discovered that Sisarina was looking for summer interns, it was a dream come true. After stalking their website, I knew this was the place I wanted to spend my summer and potentially work for in the long run. I loved how involved Sisarina is in social media, and I felt (and still feel) like my experience in the blogosphere can add a lot of insight into what potential clients need to do to live their brand and make their company a success.

In today’s market, it is nearly impossible to be successful without a strong social media backing. Companies like Taco Bell and Oreo have some of the greatest Twitter and Facebook accounts around, and I feel that many companies could learn a thing or two from them. The best way to attract new clients, especially those in the millenial crowd, is through fun and interactive twitter accounts. I am very much a part of this crowd, being 22 myself, and I think I have a great understanding of how companies can market toward this crowd. That being said, I know I have quite a bit to learn about marketing through social media, and

I’m happy that i'm being trained in the ways of social media at a place as cool as Sisarina.