What happens when the goddesses get together? Magic.

Fosterly’s Study Hall for Women

In Partnership with Sisarina

“I see magic here. When the goddesses get together, magic happens,” the brand new Director of Marketing from DC Economic Partnership confided in Rebecca & me in the middle of Fosterly’s Women Entrepreneur Study Hall.

And she was right. As she said this, we looked around and the room was buzzing  with women clustered in twos and threes getting to know each other and sharing sage advice.

Have an idea for a boutique that focuses on French fashions and you’re thinking about adding a cafe to your retail space? Get some tough love from a former restaurant consultant.

In pain about your non-profit clients who were always crying poor, yet wanting full-service on your deliverables? Get a strategy to respond to empty pockets by trimming down the scope of work without negatively affecting the relationship.

Got the green light from major department stores on your denim + leather inspired clothing line but can’t find a manufacturer? Partner with students at the Fashion Institute of Technology to produce the prototypes.

Study Hall is indeed magic. We co-hosted our first in September 2012. And we're about to step up our game and host them quarterly. 

What is Women Entrepreneurs' Study Hall? Arrive at 12pm, get snacks, check out Melanie’s thought-provoking worksheet and grab a seat. Set up your mobile office: laptop, notebooks, smartphones, business cards. At 1pm, “round robin” 1 minute introductions and let folks know how you can help anyone in the group with your Subject-Matter-Expertise, and put out an “ask” to the group. Share some insights from your workshop. Expand your world.

If you were there, hiiiiiii! Let’s be friends. If you couldn’t make it, we know you have FOMO but take comfort, there will be a next time. (Rumor has it that Fosterly will be making some neat announcements in the next month or so. Make sure you’re added to their newsletter by e-mailing Mickin at MickinS@fosterly.com).

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Shout out to Adam Zuckerman from Fosterly and the DC Economic Partnership for being such incredible hosts. You rock our socks.