What Does Your Mirror Tell You?

By Melanie Spring

Put a mirror in front of your face. Who do you see?
Study your face. The lines. The expressions. Your eyes. 
Do you recognize the face looking back at you?
How do you explain the life you have lived so far and the life you’re meant to live? Would you say straight-faced to your reflection that you’ve got it all figured out? Or would you just laugh at yourself and say “keep trying”?
Now let someone else be your mirror. Let them explain to you what they see. What they see in your face and the life you’ve lived but also the life you are meant to live. The person you were born to be. Would they say you’ve got it all figured out? 
I know my purpose in life but had my Soul Map read. If you know me, you know my first thought was “gotta be hocus pocus.” But this soft-spoken woman drew me in with her soul so deep I couldn’t help but say yes. She explained that the signature she was reading was only intended to show me who I am and who I am meant to be. Pure intense mapping of the child my mother gave to this world to grow up with gifts the world needs. Just me.
Georgette Star - the reader of my signature. The woman who was able to explain who I was simply by asking my name and my birthdate & all the research of Pythagorus. And she didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, she just explained it in a way that made it all make SO much more sense to me. In a way that helped me see things more clearly in my own life. The biggest piece that stuck out was that I have a skill for mastery - when I am grounded & stable, I can shift into an intense drive to master things at a global level. 
This same incredible woman hosts the Coaching Mastery Magic Summit starting September 8. Georgette is a gifted and soulful entrepreneur who is both an experienced practitioner and enlightened teacher. For the Summit, she interviews coaches, entrepreneurs, and healers like Jack Canfield and Crystal Andrus. Take this opportunity to learn from the people who have “cracked the code” for creating the beautiful balance of spirit, strategy, service, and success! 
The ability to learn more & connect with incredible humans - the mastery of the whole Summit - is what appealed to me when she asked me to be a part. [The Summit is September 8-21. Hurry, sign up! It’s free!] My interview is September 21 and this line-up of incredible experts is ridiculously awesome, so you'll want to listen to them all.
Georgette’s reflection of who I am has changed who I believe I am. I now think about it in every choice I make and every goal I set. Every step. Every meeting. Want to be able to see into your own mirror more clearly? Listen in to the Summit and find out how you can master your life and your business.
Your Chief Inspiration Officer, Melanie Spring
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