Want a Brand That Lives? Put Some Heart Into It

Originally posted on Entrepreneur.com

Somewhere between getting his design degree and working non stop, Denver resident Jonathon Stalls found an aching hole inside of himself. He knew there was more to life than an unfulfilled job that put food on the table and filled a house with stuff, but couldn't figure out what he needed to do. So he took a walk. A very long walk.

The walk Stalls began alone in Delaware ended eight months later in San Francisco when he and his rescue dog, Kanoa, walked into the Pacific Ocean together. Upon returning to Denver, he found he couldn't stop walking, as he enjoyed the benefits mentally, spiritually and physically. He started Walk2Connect, a social enterprise connecting people with their communities through walking. Stalls now takes groups and individuals on what he calls "Life at 3MPH," single and multi-day walking trips, to help them find wellness socially, personally and communally.

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