This is Lian, and I am here.

I am a silly person, or as I like to think of it, a silly person. Wait… did I just repeat myself there? Anyway, today (Friday, January 25, 2013) I am here, at Sisarina, on my second day of the internship and very glad to be in and not out with the cold weather. But before I say anything else, I had best tell you a little about myself.

Currently, I am a certified cat lady and full time lecture-attendee. For the past four years I have made Foggy Bottom my home, and there have received instruction on what the business world is and how I should go about looking at it: marketing is about selling, advertising is about selling, HR is about selling… I guess everything is about selling? I would add communication to that, too. And all four years of this has brought me to my final semester, about which I am understandably excited. I’m ready to go out there and see the world and be a part of the large work force; I’m ready to make my own way; I’m ready to go out and sell; and I’m ready to do something fun!

And that’s what brings me here today to Sisarina. I found this wonderful little place quite by accident, honestly. After hours of fruitless searching, I found myself at the Google Maps front page; I literally typed in “marketing near Washington DC” and scrolled through all the results. After scrolling through a bunch of company websites, I finally found one that looked fun, creative, and new. It was called “Sisarina”, and the website looked very catchy, and the language was very fun, and the office was located nearby, and I saw the word ‘marketing’ on  the site, AND they said they were accepting applications. Score!

And then I saw their application process. What?! No resume or cover letter? Why, this rejected everything I had been told to do in all my business courses. I sat in front of my computer, trying get my mind to break out of the box it had been put in when I had started the rigid business program. Suddenly the box burst open and I got a little bit of inspiration, maybe a cup full, but that was enough. And it was fun! I got to come in and meet all the wonderful women here and was inspired to find that business, silliness, and creativity had a place. I knew it!

I am so happy to have an opportunity to come in and help them out, and learn more about what they do and how they do it. This is a great place to work with great people to work with! Two days here, and I’ve already learned a lot, and I’m ready to learn more!

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