Stop Obsessing About Money

By Melanie Spring

Money: The thing we need to grow our businesses. The thing we never seem to have enough of. The thing we worry about the most as Chief fillintheblank Officers.

Everyone talks about money. About how it can't buy happiness, it's the root of all evil, and how security doesn't come from money. But also about how wonderful it is to have money and all the happiness it actually CAN buy.

As the one running the company, we tend to think about money all day long - where it's going to come from, where we need to spend it, how we'll make the next payroll, what we'll do with it when we have more than we need.

We hustle. We work long hours. We focus more on our businesses than our families (or dating...). We forget to eat. We cram our schedules full of meetings to keep things moving. We even manage to think of new ways to make money - the "if this, then that" scenarios. It's never ending. We're constantly moving. We're hustlers. Even Urban Dictionary says "someone who knows how to get money from others." That's you, whether you like it or not.

Raise your hand if you're a hustler.
*raises hand*

Because you have to be a hustler when you're in charge.

Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO at HubSpot, spells out the 8 Slow, Difficult Steps to Becoming a Millionaire in Entrepreneur Magazine. The very first one? STOP OBSESSING ABOUT MONEY.

Wait. In order to become a millionaire, the very first thing on the list is not to think about money? But that's all I've been doing for almost 6 years.

Obsessing about where my next project will come from, how we'll pay back our line of credit, how payroll will be met - again, how I'll have the money to hire the people I need to keep this thing growing, wishing someone could just send me a huge check so I can stop worrying... constantly obsessing. Isn't that my job?!

NO, it's not. My real job is to be an inspiration and if I'm constantly obsessing about money, I won't have the room to inspire.

What's your real job? (fill in the blank here)

So, what would you be doing if you quit worrying about how much money was in your business bank account? Or where the next paycheck was coming from? 

You'd be doing your real job. I'd be focusing fully on inspiring people. And I'd have a lot more brain power to do it.

Grab a post-it note. Write "My job is to ________" and fill in yours. Stick it to your desk and leave it there until you've actually started focusing on your real job.

If you do what you were designed to do, the money will be there to support it. Leave it up to the Big Guy, karma, the Universe, or whatever you think is in control. Because you're not. All you can do is your real job.

What's your real job? Leave a comment below (so I know you really wrote the post-it.)

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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