Stop Letting Destiny Pass You By

By Melanie Spring

KISMET: a power that is believed to control
what happens in the future; FATE

Have you seen the 2001 movie Serendipity? The part where two strangers ride the elevators & will need to choose the same floor in order for the woman to know they're meant to be together. (watch clip)

"Destiny," she says. She believed with all of her heart that if he was her destiny, they would end up on the same floor. But reality stepped in as a child who hit all the elevator buttons & changed the course of both of their lives. Spoiler alert: and yet they still end up together. Hrm... kismet. 

Running into my entrepreneurial brick wall, I found myself pessimistic about everything. Normally I'm looking on the bright side. Lately, I've been dreaming of quitting and just disappearing into the ether. Too much work, not enough play made for a frustrated Melanie. (say that with an Alabama accent & it rhymes)

And then everything changed. I got a package in the mail. A journal reminding me to write down the things I'm thankful for - but not just about what other people do, what I love about myself. Things I rock. 

I started writing down things I loved about myself, what I was doing, who I was meeting, and what was happening in my life. I numbered every one of them. In 4 months, I had written over 300 grateful things. THREE HUNDRED! How could I possibly be a Negative Nancy?!

Patterns started emerging. I saw how random acts of goodness were happening all around me. I found people doing things for me without my asking. I met the right person at just the right time. We got just the perfect amount of money to make payroll. In the end, it didn't seem so random.

When we sit in our businesses every day, take care of clients, manage our teams, and put our heads down, we miss opportunity. We miss kismet. We miss the people who could make bigger things happen. Destiny passes us by - and we let it.

Kismet things are happening all around you. Wonderful people are waiting for you to step into their lives. You affect change in your own life and your life changes others. In order to do this: 

  1. Be aware. Take note that things are happening
  2. Stay positive. See the good things.
  3. Get out. Walk away from the office & be in places to meet people.
  4. Make promises. And keep them - especially the ones to yourself.
  5. Create joy. Write a love note to a client. Give a coworker a hug. Dance in the middle of the office. 
  6. Laugh out loud. It's the best way to change your direction.

Life is too short to sit in our heartache, mess, or darkness. Big things are about to happen, but only if we lift our heads and let them. Get up, get out, and be ready for kismet. It's bound to happen.

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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