by Kathy Korman Frey (aka Chief Hot Momma) of Hot Momma's Project

A good friend of mine is a riding the entrepreneurial break, BIG TIME. She has all these brilliant ideas for businesses, but has a hard time pulling the trigger. “There’s not enough time,” she says. “What makes me an expert?” is another of my favorites. So I sent her an email: “Do this” I said, “Here are seven easy steps you can accomplish in half a day for under $200 to start a business.”

Want to get started fast? Here are a few steps you can take in a few hours:

MUST HAVE: Mentors

I am a mentor to this particular friend when it comes to entrepreneurship. Mentors are THE most important thing you can carry along with you on this journey, as we’re discussing at the SisU bootcamp event in October. The questions, problems, and triumphs will change. Have a good battery of mentors, advisors, or whatever you want to call them that you can call/email/text/I/DM/Tweet/Facebook or – GASP – have an actual face-to-face meeting with for support.

1. Get a quick, cheap domain name and site

You have a business name, and know what it will sell.  Go to & register your domain name. Next step: Go to WordPress and/or Blogger, and start your website there using their free blog sites. Need help? Meet with a buddy to work on the site and jam it out over coffee.

2. Set up a professional email

You can set up an email on & forward your domain email instead of hosting it with your site.

3. Business cards

Go to and make business cards you like. If you pay a little, you don't have to have VistaPrint stamped on the back.

4. Put together an email list and draft

The email should say “I am starting a business” as the subject line and then explain your business. People will be more likely to vote on a logo or give you advice on a a blog post vs. respond to a direct inquiry for referrals or business. Strange but true.

5. Develop your service packages, prices, and descriptions

a. Prep/advance work – $500. Completed by consultant or client.
b. In-home session -$500. Consultant and client together. Two hours and one travel.

6. Think about your top 10 tips

What are your thoughts and ideas about your industry/business? Take notes. Take pictures. Practice putting them on the site or the blog. Build a following. Experiment with your ideas.

7. Don’t freak out! You can do this!

Business can be enjoyable if you are doing something you love. Focus on THAT.


Kathy is the Founder of the Hot Mommas Project, the world's largest women's case study library used by educators, though leaders, and trainers around the world. She is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the George Washington University School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Her classes both in and out of the university result in a 150 to 200 percent increase in skills and self confidence for young women. She lives in DC with her husband Josh, kids Maxwell and Deliah and dog Foxy.

Website: | Twitter: @ChiefHotMomma

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