Sisarina on the Move to Eastern Market

After the trip down Memory Lane of our Bethesda Headquarters, we started packing. 5 years of accumulating things and tucking them away to keep the office tidy, there was a lot to pack up. We sold quite a few pieces, figured out what we could keep for our new space, and then filled boxes upon boxes with the rest. 


And while we were doing that, we had to get our new office ready.

Annie Elliott of Bossy Colors came in to do a color assessment. We knew we wanted to punch up the colors, use the bright windows, and give the new HQ a fresh and updated look.

The Eastern Market corner rowhouse had tons of light all day, original parquet floors, 10' ceilings, and "apartment cream" walls. Her new color palette was just what we needed. Spa teal, blue bonnet, light gray, and slate gray. Happiness in our new space.


Now that we're in our second week at Sisarina in Eastern Market, we're settling in and making it "home". Check back soon for photos of the mostly finished space.