Sisarina HQ Bethesda: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Sisarina has moved.

After 5 wonderful years of growth in Bethesda, we've decided we're more fit to be a DC in-the-city company. So, we moved to Capitol Hill and are now around the corner from Eastern Market. Today is our first day in Sisarina HQ DC edition. But before we show you our new awesomeness, let's take a tour down memory lane. 

Sisarina HQ Bethesda: 2009, Before & After

Main Office Before: 

Main Office After:

Melanie's Office Before:

Melanie's Office After:

Conference Room Before:

Conference Room: After

We really loved Sisarina HQ in Bethesda. What a great 5 years. Now, we're excited to be in our new DC space and getting ready to have you come visit. 

Then we moved.