The World Needs You

May 18, 2016
Become an Intrapreneur This guy I know is a certified Wiz Kid. He’s the gold standard by which all parents hold their own kids: ambitious,”wicked smaht,” and innovative. A former student of my dad’s at South Eugene High School, Lucas was READ MORE

Personal Brand: Show Up at Work Like You Give a Shit

May 9, 2016
  Overheard at Sisarina, “Griffin, your personal brand is bringing me down, dude.” Do you have a job? Do you go to it? How are you showing up there? Recently Melanie Spring told us all about “What’s Brand Got to Do With It,” READ MORE

I'm Not Ignoring You, I'm Just Inspired

May 4, 2016
An Open Letter to the People in My Corner I apologize… a lot. It’s an annoying, self-deprecating, stereotypically female habit that I’d love to break, but I’d rather spend my energies elsewhere… like discovering an enzyme that turns donuts into paleo-gluten-free-soy-free-vegan-superfoods READ MORE

Know Your Brand, Rock Your Crew

April 27, 2016
Lessons Learned Onboarding at Sisarina At a crew meeting in November, I looked across the table at Melanie in disbelief: “I can’t believe that I’ve been here six months already.” Considering I had started in September, Melanie looked me like I READ MORE

Need A New Adventure?

April 25, 2016
Don't call it a dream. Call it a plan.   If we plan too much, we miss the fun of the adventure. If we don’t plan at all, we can end up missing the experience. When was the last time you just wandered a READ MORE

It’s Your Job to Hire

April 20, 2016
And hire boldly! The US Dept of Commerce recently revealed some startling statistics in their report Women Owned Businesses in the 21st Century. They are not telling us anything we don’t already know: Women-owned businesses are typically smaller than men-owned businesses. Although women READ MORE

Does Your Mom Know What You Do?

April 18, 2016
And can she tell other people? You’re at yet another holiday gathering with family and you hear your mom in the other room trying to explain to your relatives what you do for a living. She’s mashing up a few different READ MORE

Core Value, a Sisarina™ Brand Primer

April 13, 2016
Core Value, a Sisarina™ Brand Primer “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.” Elvis Presley What is Value? From the very first time I first dipped my toe in the business arena, people READ MORE

Keep Manifesting That Shit

April 11, 2016
Even When Shit Gets Tough When we’re ready to manifest what we really want, we have to take the good with the seemingly bad. A client (we’ll call her Teri) recently came to me amped up about where her business was READ MORE

What's brand got to do with it?

April 6, 2016
Does brand really matter? Sitting in a gorgeously branded office with humans chatting by the coffee bar, I see others working standing desks and a conference room inside of a small cabin… inside. We sit to have a conversation about webinars and READ MORE

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