Overwhelm: Conquered.

By Melanie Spring

This weekend was the perfect weekend to rip out the built-ins in my Capitol Hill apartment (mind you, this building is from 1900, renovated in 1970 and falling apart since). My living room was dark and the built-ins blocked the light. Mice have been living in those hideous shelves for the last few decades. The person who built them in 1987 very obviously never took shop class. My adorable apartment was a wreck after tearing them out, but I'm finally close to having my little sanctuary finished. 
As I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought about my week, my to-do list, and looked around realizing my apartment looked like I just moved in. With four workshops this week, a full inbox, and a huge list of prep, I sat stunned in overwhelm. Tears started welling up in my eyes. Half of me was fighting for me to just go to sleep and pretend it wasn’t there. The other half of me knew I had to get my shit together or Monday wasn't going to be fun.
My mantra this year is to Wear My Awesome. That means I want to feel present, joyful, voluminous, enchanting, and inspired. There was no way I could let overwhelm wreck me. Overwhelm was just another Fear Monster!
For the next hour, I went through my Desire Map Planner for January 11 and wrote everything I had to get done Monday. I cleared out a bunch of inbox items and knocked out some small things so my morning could be focused on the big stuff. My guy texted that he’d be over after work to help get my place back to normal. My best friend & fellow entrepreneur texted “One step at a time tomorrow. Step one: Wake up. Step two: Hit the gym. Step three: Shower. Step four: Rock your most important item. One step at a time."
After getting through the first 3 steps, I sat next to Griffin and opened my laptop, but something was missing. The overwhelm was back. I felt like there was NO way I could accomplish so much. Then I remembered: Time to meditate. I needed it to reset and stay focused.
Headspace app open. Andy speaking to me. The words “There are 7 billion people in the world. Ask yourself how many of them are feeling exactly the way you’re feeling right now. And realize it’s not just you."
Overwhelm: conquered. 
At 8am, my to-do list was getting crossed off. Everything stopped feeling so overwhelming. By 11am, most of my to-do’s for the day were getting to-done. (And I even started writing this blog post, something I didn't think I'd get to!)
I tell you this because I know this year is supposed to be your year. This year is supposed to be the greatest year ever. You’re going to accomplish so much, hit all of your goals and then some. You’re going to do what you’ve always wanted to do. But with that comes overwhelm. 
And when it happens (because it happens to all of us), instead of saying “I just need to do less.” or “Why can’t someone help me?”, remind yourself that of the 7 billion people on this earth, someone else is experiencing the exact same overwhelm at exactly the same moment and everything will be ok. The Fear Monster squashedThen get your to-do list written and rock that shit out! 

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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