New Girl on the Block

Hey there!
I'm Amanda.

I’m extremely excited to join the Sisarina team as the new Executive & Marketing Assistant.

A little tale about how I got here:

On a rainy Wednesday morning last Winter, my college roommate and I split an Uber from our American University apartment to attend our first Cup of Inspiration at Sisarina. The two of us were always on the lookout for cool (free) things to do in DC and excitedly anticipated this morning. As soon as we arrived at Sisarina, we giddily marveled at the adorable office decorations and jumped at the Keurig to cure our early morning half-asleep-ness.

Five minutes after sitting down with Melanie and Sinead, I could tell that Sisarina was truly a special place to work. The atmosphere was light and laid-back and the office had an apparent culture that balanced mutual respect and hard work with joy. I felt immediately welcomed into the Sisarina community despite being a first-time Cup-of-Inspiration-goer.

So how did I get from there to here?
As soon as I graduated from college in May, I did a lot of self reflecting:

What did I want to do?

What kind of people did I want to work with?

How was I going to maintain a happy lifestyle in the dreaded “real world”?

I wanted to work in a place that challenged me creatively with people that inspired me daily, and that with this foundation I would achieve my goal of loving what I did (I have a very typical millennial perspective here, I realize). I reached out to Melanie after my period of soul-searching and the rest is history.

What do I add to the table at Sisarina?
I graduated from American University with a BA in Public Communication and through the process of earning my degree, I fell in love with the creative aspects of developing communication strategies and integrating social media practices to increase brand loyalty.

At Sisarina, I’ll be channeling this passion into being Melanie’s right-hand woman, picking up just about any project in order to help keep her on the top of her game!

I’ll be bringing the enthusiasm from my camp counselor days, the creative energy from years of dabbling in drawing, film, and photography, and my unlimited desire to learn new things!

Follow me at @AmandaSZim or connect on LinkedIn