Mini Define Your Brand Workshop (Podcast Guest)

From Through The Noise podcast:

Listening to this 33-minute episode with Melanie Spring is probably one of the most valuable ways you could use half an hour. You’ll probably want to take some notes too because during and after this show you will think differently about yourself, your coworkers, and your organization.

Join us as we play the Inside Out Game and Blake & Ernesto assess themselves and each other to find out what they’re good at and where they’re failing. You can make this a participatory podcast and “workshop” yourself as well. Bonus — come up with a unique and fun way to answer that often-dreaded question at parties “So, what do you do?”


Through the Noise - the podcastYou’ve heard that “Sex sells.” The entertainment industry has us hooked on it. At Through the Noise that’s EXACTLY what we do. Bring you the hottest, sexiest, and most cutting edge thought leadership out there in the nonprofit, association, and charity organization arena. No topic is too controversial. Join your hosts Ernesto Gluecksmann and Blake Althen a couple times a week to hear about all that, and probably have a laugh while you’re at it.

Melanie Spring is the Chief Inspiration Officer at Sisarina, DC’s brand strategy agency. She’s an entrepreneur, international speaker, and approachable badass spreading the gospel of branding on purpose. Sisarina is a brand strategy agency that starts a bigger discussion in order to create extraordinary marketing, motivated teams, and inspired brand promises – on purpose.

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