When people think of business majors, they tend to picture someone sitting in a cubicle with a PC in front of them and a calculator in hand.  Despite being a business major, I knew I didn’t want to be in a cubicle all my life.  I had always had a passion for creating videos whether it be a 30 minute television pilot, a 2 minute news story, or even a 30 second introduction into a website. 

Knowing I wanted to be a part of the business world and having a love of video editing and creativity, I thought marketing was a perfect field for me to pursue a career.  It allows me to think critically while also being creative.  I was recommended to Sisarina by one of its own clients, VoiceTrainer.  My former employer saw my creativeness and thought I would be a perfect fit for Sisarina. 

Business majors are a dime a dozen though so I decided to set myself apart from the rest through my video editing.  I am proficient with several video editing software programs.  I can use iMovie, Final Cut Express, Final Cut 7, Final Cut X, and Avid.  I can use all these interchangeably. 

Being a business major definitely has its perks though.  I have learned how to conduct myself in a professional setting and understand all aspects of business.  I have a background in economics, accounting, finance, and marketing of course which makes me very versatile in the workplace. 

Sisarina gives me the opportunity to incorporate both my professional skills and creative skills simultaneously. 

It allows me the opportunity to improve both the skills as well.  I am getting a real world lesson in both the business and creative side of a branding company.

I currently attend Elon University and am very involved on campus.  I am a founding father of my fraternity, Delta Upsilon, a member of the service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and a member of the business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi.  I also worked for Live Oak Communications, which is my school’s full service PR firm for local businesses in the area.  I enjoy doing community service by working with children.  I have lunch with an elementary school student once a week and act as a friend and mentor to them throughout the semester.  If I am not doing one of these things, I am usually hanging with friends or in the gym.