Make Positivity Part of Your Brand

So I'm sitting in traffic thinking about positivity.  Ironic, I know.  But I've just left Sisarina HQ heading for home and my wheels are still turning, at least in my head.  I'm ruminating about the now ubiquitous word, "positivity".  Everywhere you look there's a new article, book, song or mantra, urging us to focus on the good and let go of what's not.   I sometimes wonder if there's an inverse relationship to the amount of information on a topic and the impact it has on us.  Repeated too often, an idea risks becoming cliched and then easily ignored.

Personally, I have found I can't afford to ignore the pursuit of the positive.  After a long year of significant personal upheaval, consciously shifting my attention to what's right in my life and the world is a necessity, not a luxury. Granted, it takes work, discipline and a willingness bring a positive approach to everything we do, including our professional interactions. We live in a busy, fast-paced time of instant access and an overload of information.  Getting overwhelmed leads to taking shortcuts and slipping into thoughtlessness.  

Which brings me to the turning of my mental wheels; my desire to convey why it's important to apply positivity to our professional lives and how to and to make it happen.


  • Because everything you do reflects your brand, your reputation and your company's reputation. Through every tweet, email or post, you are communicating more than just the words on the screen or page.  What's unspoken often speaks more loudly that what is.
  • Because success in business today is increasingly tied to creating an exceptional experience for your customers.
  • Because everyone has a story and we never know what is really going on with someone
  • and my personal favorite:

"...we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly" - Alabama


  • Consciously strive to create a culture of positivity.  
  • Write notes, real, handwritten notes and send them through the mail--old fashioned maybe, but the personal touch always makes an impact.  At Sisarina, we send thank you notes to new clients, and notes of encouragement or condolence if a client experiences difficulties or loss.  
  • Take an extra few minutes to acknowledge what is right with a project or situation, instead of only focusing on what still needs to be accomplished or corrected.
  • Give sincere compliments to coworkers, clients, vendors.  You never know, you might make someone's day.

Cultivating a positive approach isn't always easy and we're bound to fall short.  I plan to practice and persevere… I hope you will too!

What ideas do you have for creating more positivity in your life or in the world?