Live Your Core Values


Why live your core values?

We talk a lot about core values and culture at Sisarina, both internally and externally with clients and potential clients. Identifying and naming these values is a crucial first step on the road to developing a consistent brand message and a solid company culture. Though many companies and organizations may have an intuitive grasp of their values, explicitly identifying them is imperative. Your values influence every business decision from hiring through sales and makes sense to consciously define them. In a recent blog post "Do You Know your Core Values?" our CIO, Melanie Spring,  shows that even an established company of 30 years, can benefit from making their values explicit.

Simply identifying values isn't enough. We all know the cliche about practicing what you preach. When it comes to embedding your values into your company culture, that saying isn't as trite as may sound. Sean Silverthorne writes in The Profit Power of Corporate Culture  "most CEOs will tell you that their ability to inculcate values and mission into the DNA of a firm is among the most important work they do."  How to translate those abstract, sometimes lofty ideas into specific actions is where things can get tricky. Showing rather than telling how it works at HQ makes the point a lot more clearly.

How to live your core values

Sisarina has defined 7 core values
the first of which is "Be Transparent."

Three ways we try to walk the walk and demonstrate personal and professional transparency:

1. SHARE FINANCIALS: We share our financial reports with all employees on a quarterly basis. Our goal is to succeed and grow and how well we doing is reflected in our financials. We trust our team and want to  keep them motivate. Sharing the big picture and how important they are to our success bonds us as we strive to grow.

2. NO SECRETS: There are very few doors at HQ which means there are few secrets - for better or for worse! Knowing what's going on with clients and work issues feeds collaboration and creativity. Company goals and strategy are openly discussed and communicated to keep us working together toward a common purpose. When the openness gets to be too much, a good pair of headphones and Pandora come in handy!

3. SHARE HARD DAYS: If any of us is experiencing a difficult personal or professional situation, we let others know. This doesn't mean full-blown therapy. But knowing what's going on gives us the opportunity to support each other and creates unity.


Inspired to work on your core values and share how you live them? Check our our resources page and share!