Is That Really the Problem?

By Melanie Spring

Perspective can be the make-or-break of our business. 

My friend Ed stopped by Sisarina HQ last week and mentioned he had been having a hard time recently. A big client had decided to pull the plug on a multi-million dollar project, which meant he would have to lay off 60% of his team. Ed's team is his family. He started wondering how he was going to handle the layoffs... until one of his coworkers handed him a book about "surviving and thriving when opportunity roars."

This book made him realize he wasn't dreaming big enough. So, he decided to focus on getting the client to just keep them on contract. And he took action. He wrote the client a list of reasons why they would suffer without him and his team. A few days later, the client somehow found the money in the budget and they were 100% back on for the project. 

Isn't it amazing what happens when we change our perspective? If he had just kept focusing on how he carefully he could lay off his team, he would have done just that. But instead, he got to keep the client, the money, AND his team. 

When we leave room for dreaming bigger, the possibilities are endless. That little problem you're trying to solve could probably disappear if you think outside of it. Here are 3 ways to start dreaming bigger and get through the little stuff.

1. What's the impossible?
Ask yourself what you would do with the problem if you had endless resources of time, people, and money. You get a multi-million dollar investment, you hire a team of big-brained people, and you get rid of everything on your to-do list so you can focus only on this problem - now that you have everything you need to solve it, it's no longer impossible. Take whatever you come up with then and apply it to the problem.

2. How can you reframe?
While you're obsessing about this problem, the real issue could be around the corner making a mess of everything. Reframe the problem to find out if it is what's really going on. There may be numerous small issues that feel like one big one. Look at everything around the problem and identify the things that could be affecting it.

3. Who can solve this?

Someone else has already been through your problem. Their hindsight is 20/20 and they can help you find the solution. Find someone who you trust to give you an experience share, not telling you what to do, about how they went through the same problem and the solution they found. Then apply the principles to yours.

In the end, it's all about your perspective. Are you dreaming big enough to make things happen? If you decide you can solve the problem, you will. If you focus on the positive, you'll have a positive outcome. Your focus drives the result. 

What problem have you had where the outcome changed once you changed your perspective?

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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