Intentionally Intentional Intentions

By Melanie Spring

Intentionally Intentional Intentions for 2016

As we brought in 2016, many wished 2015 good riddance. So much hope has gone into 2016 - hope for a better year, ready for what’s to come. As much as 2015 was a rollercoaster, I’m happy I had it. It was necessary for what’s to come.
2015 was my year of Stop Doing. And, oh man, did I stop doing so many things. When your filter is “stop doing things that make me feel like shit”, you see just how much you put up with for no reason. First, I removed all the services my business offered that caused me anxiety. Then, I quit allowing people in my life who weren’t good for me - personally and professional. Finally, I stopped quitting things I actually liked doing just because other people didn’t like them. I stopped doing like a maniac. 2015 taught me a lot about myself.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing research for a personal branding workshop I’m building for 2016. One of the books I picked up in my research was The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. It’s a workbook on building a life around the way you want to feel. As a person who has set goals based on what I want to accomplish (yeah, I even recently wrote a post called Manifest That Shit), I had never thought about how I want to FEEL. It fit perfecting into the end of my Stop Doing year, so I rocked through the book to set my intentions for 2016.
The 5 areas LaPorte asks you to think through are: 
  1. Livelihood & Lifestyle
  2. Body & Wellness
  3. Creativity & Learning 
  4. Relationships & Society
  5. Essence & Spirituality
Within these areas, she asks how you want to feel, then what you want to do, experience or have. You write down your fears, your optimism, people who can help you, and what you will give of yourself. In the end, you set intentions for the new year. Although I'm not typically a fluffy person, it was nice to take the time to be intentional about writing it all down and thinking it through.
After working through my desires, my goals, my dreams, and every aspect of my life, I landed on a few words that summed up how I want my life to feel.


Live inspired.
Be enchanting.
Stay present.
Be voluminous.
Be joyful.
Knowing how I want to feel, my intentions & goals for 2016 became:
  1. To build a daily meditation practice
  2. To build a community personally and professionally
  3. To create a holistically healthy lifestyle
  4. To only do, wear, and say what makes me feel like an approachable badass
This isn’t about goal-setting, per say. This is about creating habits around my goals and being intentional about those habits in order to feel the way I want to feel about my life. Overall, my biggest goal is to be more intentionally intentional about my intentions this year in business and in life. There isn't really a difference anyway, right?
I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours! What are your intentions this year? 

Melanie Spring
Chief Inspiration Officer
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