In Celebration of Small Businesses Everywhere

It’s National Small Business Week. YAY!

But shouldn’t every week celebrate small businesses? They’re the backbone of this country. They create jobs, come up with new ways of doing old things, and help you keep your money in the local community. Without small businesses, we’d be in a bit of an economic mess. 

How to SUPPORT small businesses:

  • Shop local: hit up the boutiques, thrift stores, & farmers' markets
  • Eat local: skip the chain restaurant and go for home-grown
  • Walk: walking your neighborhood allows you to meet local owners
  • Donate: find a local charity or arts organization & give your time and money
  • Meetup: join a local group to show you new places
  • Think small: small businesses have better selection than big box stores
  • Think Local First: find ways to go local in DC here

How to GROW your small business:

Every little bit counts with small businesses. Pick up the box of nails you need at the local hardware store around the corner. Find the freshest greens and meats at the local farmer’s market. Pick up a gift for a baby shower at a boutique. The more you know about your community and the business owners that thrive in it, the more you’ll want to support them. 

Sisarina challenges you:
A. to walk into local businesses in your neighborhood and ask the owner:

  • how did you start this business?
  • do you support local charities?
  • how do you hire for open jobs?
  • what made you settle here?
  • what makes you come in every day?

B. get your community together as a business owner by:

  • volunteering your time 
  • inviting the community to your office
  • frequent local coffee joints instead of chains
  • take your team to lunch at a local restaurant
  • take a walk & chat with other business owners

What’s your favorite local business?
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We’ll help you spread the word about them. 
Happy Small Business Week!