I'm Not Ignoring You, I'm Just Inspired

By Cheney Williams

An Open Letter to the People in My Corner

I apologize… a lot. It’s an annoying, self-deprecating, stereotypically female habit that I’d love to break, but I’d rather spend my energies elsewhere… like discovering an enzyme that turns donuts into paleo-gluten-free-soy-free-vegan-superfoods in your digestive tract. So it’s no surprise that my first Sisarina blog post would be an apology letter to friends and family about how M.I.A. I’ve been in the last month…

My friends and family won’t feel slighted or ignored — I know that in my heart. They witnessed the era of the Bitchtroll (a “loving” nickname for a previous boss) when I struggled with a particularly taxing summer position and the resulting fallout.

They’ve been in my corner since day one and just want to see me succeed.

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the unanswered emails, the canceled dinner plans, the ignored Facebook messages. I’m sorry for being too tired to do anything when you call me on a Friday night. I’m sorry for forgetting or missing anything that I’ve missed or forgotten in the last month. I owe a few of you birthday presents, and to one of you in particular, your bridal shower will be epic, I promise...I just haven’t planned it yet.

You don’t need to hide the sharp objects — I haven’t been neglecting you for a dark n’ twisty reason — I’m just really digging my new job.

I’m finally, deliciously in love with my job and I’ve been attacking it with a level of fervor usually reserved for an ice-cold fountain Diet Coke...

Remember that personal assistant position I sort of told you about? It was the week where I spent all my waking hours on a “video job application”? The week I occasionally forgot to eat because I was painstakingly editing voiceovers for hours on end?

And then that video led to the interview where I had to describe how to eat a piece of gum?

And then that interview led to the walk with the Boss Lady and I was SURE I blew it because I was sweating buckets and felt like my answers to her questions were dumb? Well…. I got that job.

So now that I have that job, I’ve been spending all my waking hours eating, breathing, sleeping that job. Not in a Wolf of Wall Street crazy way, but in my signature, oh-shit-Cheney’s-gone-to-ground-on-something-she-loves way. Remember how I was obsessed with the Sims and would play for hours at a time without moving? Well this job is like that. Only without cheat codes. And I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s grab drinks and I’ll tell you how I’ve been manifesting shit up one side and down the other.


As I sit here next to this snoring ball of fluff named Falkor Griffin, I’m realizing that I’m not actually sorry. (I do feel a smidge guilty for a few things, sure…especially that bridal shower one – LUVYOUMEANIT, H – but sorry? Not so much.)

  • I’m NOT sorry that I get to work with engaging, funny, fantastic humans in a creative, collaborative environment.
  • I’m NOT sorry I get to learn a truckload about #allthethings from a supercool Boss Lady.
  • I’m NOT sorry I have an ally and partner in crime named Isang who is navigating this brave new world with me.
  • I’m NOT sorry I have a ‘work-mom’ named Rebecca who makes me feel safe and supported.
  • I’m DEFINITELY not sorry my coworkers really know how to get down and dirty with a game of Cards Against Humanity.

And I’m sure as shit NOT sorry I found a job that not only allows me to be myself but actually requires it. #sorrynotsorry

A word to the wise… much like a great therapist, or a bomb-ass cupcake, you should keep searching for a job until you find one that’s magic. Your job doesn’t need to suck -- as my buddy so rightly pointed out in the previous blog post -- you just need to find work that fills your love tank while draining your daily energy stores…at least until your build up your endurance.

And friends, my love tank is FULL.

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