HOW TO: Tackle Your Giant Resolutions

February is almost here and I feel like I have been in a New Year's resolution + get-my-life-together stupor the last few weeks.  I just can’t seem to get my butt* in gear. Sound familiar? 

It could be a number of things. Maybe it was the running around, the fluctuating holiday budget, the making conversation with people I don’t see that often stuff... Whatever it may be, my life feels disorganized. #andIHATEIT

Luckily for me, I know I’m not alone.

1. Take a Step Back
Breathe for just a moment. January is about making resolutions and if you haven't been able to stick to them (or start them), take this week to take a step back and reorganize how you're thinking about everything. Is it too much to handle? Did you make too many crazy resolutions? Are you take it a little too far? Give yourself a little room to think about it.

2. Break Down Your Goals
Those big goals don't have to be so big. To help me rein in my anxiety and get my butt in gear I’m going to break down my life & goals into different "arms". Then within each arm, I will write out the items I need to meet my goals. This way I have a lot of little goals I can accomplish.

3. Write Them Down
If it's not written, it won't happen. Every day and each week, I’m going to write in my planner what I need to do for each arm. This is to break things down from the bigger picture of who I want to be, to individual goals, to daily responsibilities.

My overanxious self likes the manageability of breaking things up into smaller pieces I can tackle. Yes, I am one of those people who will put something on their To-do list just so they can cross it off. (Raise your hand if you are, too.)

What giant resolutions do you need to accomplish? 
Time to break them into smaller pieces.

*Inside Joke: Hey, Sisarina girls, I used "butt" in my blog post