How the Timbuk2 Brand Went From Basement to Famous

Originally posted on Entrepreneur.com

Rob Honeycutt never realized his job as a bike messenger would be a life-changing endeavor.

Riding the streets of San Francisco on his bike in 1989, Honeycutt was in dire need of a bike handlebar bag for all this items he needed for his job as a messenger. Using his crafty skills he made one. Realizing other messengers may be feeling the same pain point, Honeycutt created 50 more in his basement, called them Scumbags and sold them to a local cycle shop. When Rob’s non-messenger friends asked about the bag he wore on his back, he knew he was onto something. He seized the opportunity and created his first messenger bag. They were such a hit, he dropped the Scumbags brand and renamed it Timbuk2.


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