How a Brand Pivot Helped This Startup Disrupt a $30 Billion Dollar Industry

Originally on Entrepreneur.com

Like the beginning of most startup stories, a group of people had a problem and couldn't find a solution, so they made their own.

In 2009, Nick Crossman and his fraternity brothers couldn't find an easy way to set up events, email their friends and keep track of their brothers privately. To solve these issues, they developed WebGreek.com, a platform focused on creating a private online space that was community-driven and kept track of everything going on with their friends. It spread like wildfire in the fraternity and sorority community. Shortly after, they noticed a parallel market -- membership organizations.

By 2012, WebGreek was an online and mobile app changing the way organizations interacted with their members. Not wanting to silo themselves, they rebranded as Groopt -- a private, productive space for your (fill in the blank). Utilizing the freemium model, everyone from books clubs to moms' organizations and running groups could stay in touch with each other.

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