Happy 5th Birthday, Sisarina

Wow. 5 years.

A 28-year-old gal by the name of Melanie Spring sat quietly at her 100-year-old desk in her cramped bedroom on her laptop with her snoozing puppy as she set up a web marketing company. She had no idea that 5 years later she would write this blog post while sitting in her sunny blue office on a couch with two sleeping puppies and chatter from 6 coworkers outside of her door. Oh, the things she would tell herself back then. All the encouragement she would have given. "You can do it. I promise. It will be greater than you expect."

2009: Find Your True Identity

  • worked in my bedroom, hired Mama Teresa Thomas
  • moved Sisarina to Church in Bethesda offices
  • hired two more people & renovated Sisarina HQ in Bethesda


2010: Lessons Learned


2011: Started Growing



2012: Learning from Others



2013: Big Changes



2014: What a Year So Far

  • celebrating 5 years with 7 full-time team members
  • started booking more speaking gigs & workshops
  • negotiating new lease for larger office in Silver Spring!
  • launched new MelanieSpring.com
  • ... to be continued



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