As many of your know, Sisarina recently celebrated our Grand Opening of our Bethesda office. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, got the tour and helped us in so many amazing ways.

But now it’s the day after.

As we clean up the place and get back to business, we’re left to reflect upon the true meaning of our grand opening. Wikipedia says that “A “Grand Opening” is a term used when a business, public office, or private association wishes to announce their official opening of their new location.”

Yes, we opened a new, beautiful office but we’ve been in business for quite some time. Perhaps then, our grand opening is Sisarina’s renewal. With a full staff and a central location from which to work, Sisarina is beginning 2010 with a renewed sense of purpose.

We’re only partially through the month and yet we’ve already met with a slew of prospective clients, launched some websites and are in the midst of some exciting new endeavors, including developing tools to help our clients work better and more efficiently.

As a part of our renaissance, Sisarina wants you to know that we’re about more than just great web designs. This year, we’re expanding our outlook to include customer and product development, creative community building and lots of strategic marketing campaigns.

We invite you to stop by our new office and ask that you keep Sisarina in mind when embarking on your next web-based adventure.

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