Go Rest Your Entrepreneur Muscles

Originally posted on MelanieSpring.com

Entrepreneurship means big ideas. 
Not big ideas in the sense of ethereal stuff. Big ideas that come to some serious hardcore reality. 

At the Do Good Summit, I shared on a panel about being a woman entrepreneur. At the last moment, I skipped right to the hard stuff about growing a business. The harsh realities of the rollercoaster ride of all of it. So many people say they hit bumps. BUMPS? They’re not bumps - they’re punches. And entrepreneurs roll with them. Black eyes, bruises, and sore muscles. And we come out stronger and better for it.

Entrepreneurship means big dreams. 
We think about what could happen if a big chunk of money fell in our laps. 
We listen to our clients and think about what could make them happy.
We want to know what can add to the things we already do without adding more headache.
We rally our teams and get them excited. 
We only dream of big things.
Crazy things.
And then we do them!

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