Get the Perfect Social Media Bio

Who are you?

This is the question that all social media profiles beg you to answer, but so few people do it well. It seems like fun and games - something that can be done on the fly, but when you sit down to write it, you come to ask yourself: How the heck can I describe myself in 160 characters?

{Don’t worry, I’m totally with you. It’s really not that easy.}

For those of us who are using our social profiles to help grow our business or establish ourselves in a professional capacity, it’s important to have a solid profile as part of the backbone of our social media profiles. (The other part of that backbone? A strong social media plan.)

Here are five simple steps to writing a stellar social media profile. These tips are written for my preferred social media outlet, Twitter, but will work well for any social media channel.

1. What Do You Do? 
What takes up your time 40 hours a week? You spend a lot of time doing it, so chances are you might be sharing information about it, too. Give your title, mention the company you work for (and link to your company’s social media account if it’s also on Twitter – it’ll help get more eyeballs on the account), and add anything specific to your job that you might tweet about.

Here’s mine: @Sisarina Branding Manager. Digital Marketing & #SocialMedia Nerd.

2. Tell Us What You’ll be Tweeting About 
Love sports? Tend to quote obscure movies? Mention this in your profile: it’ll help like-minded folks find you. Most of my tweet topics are covered in the previous tip, but I also tend to talk about women in leadership and love connecting with alums of my alma maters.

Here's mine: @gwbusiness MBA. @VanderbiltU Alum.  

3. Have a Sense of Humor? Show It. 
Is there something funny about yourself that regularly comes up in conversation? Add it into your profile: it’ll show followers that you’re human and that you don’t always mean business. I recently saw a profile that ended with “have an obscene amount of knowledge of 90's Nick.” This made me giggle AND send the user a tweet noting my love of the 90s cartoon Doug.

I’m not sure that I have the best sense of humor, but there are a couple of things that people always seem to note about me: my love of pancakes and my resemblance to a 12 year-old. (I’m much older than 12, I swear!)

Here are mine: Pancake Lover. Small Girl. Big Brains.

4. Buzzwords. Don’t Use Them. 
Have you seen profiles that use terms like social media guru, marketing maven, thought-leader, or the like? Do you know who else uses buzzwords like these? About 5 million people. And the bummer about that is if you use them too, then you - and your profile - won’t stand out. You’ll just look like the rest of the world with your buzzword-filled profile. Be unique. Be you. Don’t use buzzwords.

Here are mine: ________. {oh yeah, I don't use them}

5. Proofread – and Make Sure it Makes Sense 
If you want a Twitter bio that sounds cool but, in reality, is gobbledygook, head over to the Twitter Bio Generator and get yourself a made-up bio. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and proofread your profile to make sure it’s error-free (I’m looking at you - you’re versus your) and also that it makes sense.

After you proofread, ask yourself: Does this profile really represent you? If your answer is a resounding YES!, then click publish, and start sharing. Otherwise, head back to step one and try, try again.

Do you have any tips for making your social media profile uniquely you?