Entrepreneurs Don't Fail

By Melanie Spring

80% of business fail in the first 18 months.
Aren't you sick of hearing that?

Most of this percentage has to do with lack of planning or lack of motivation. I don't know many true entrepreneurs who fail - most of the ones I know kick ass so hard they couldn't possibly fail. Or they pivot and change directions. 

Entrepreneurs aren't known for being patient. Come on, you know I'm talking to you (and me). We work really hard and want results quickly. But we ARE known for being resilient and will work hard for a long time to make something happen, even with our lack of patience.

At a higher rate than normal, entrepreneurs around me have been coming to me with their worry about failing. Emails, texts, calls - all with worry, doom and dread. They're hiding under their covers, checking their Facebook pages, texting their friends, and generally terrified of "what would happen if..." Some aren't sleeping, others start worrying when they slow down and think about it, while others are in a constant state of panic. All I want to do is scream: STOP IT!

Have you ever asked yourself this question: 

What is the WORST thing that can happen?

Think about it. If you failed at your business, what's your worst case scenario? Would you die? Would you get divorced? Would your dogs starve to death? Would you be homeless? Most likely not. All that worry is just taking you away from the thing you need to do to move your business forward. You're resilient and would figure out something else if it truly was going to "fail". 

We all have things we carry with us. Our past mistakes, our parents' mistakes, what others will think, what others DO think, what we believe about ourselves. Some of us have a harder worst case scenario than others, but in the end, we have to dump the baggage of all of that, believe in ourselves and know that entrepreneurship can be even harder than parenting. And you parents out there haven't failed at that, have you? (Don't answer that truthfully.)

Failure is not an option, people. By our very nature, entrepreneurs don't fail. We can't. It's not in our blood. So stop worrying about failing. It can't happen. Really. 

Now that you're not worrying about failing (I know, I took all your fear away with that, right?), what will you do right now to move your business in the right direction? Replace the worry with an action. Right now. Stop reading a blog post about failure and go do something incredible. Then report back about what you did. I'll wait here for you.

And just to prove that I know you can't fail, I'll leave you with my favorite little piece of motivation:

I am a tiny potato.

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