Dogs Make Everything Easier at Work

As someone who counts himself amongst the lucky few able to work with his very own furry secretary, I find myself fortunate enough to benefit daily from not only the companionship, the snuggle breaks, the excuse to go out for a walk a couple times a day, but also for their instinctual "mood ring"-esque qualities.

"Mood ring" you say?

Yup, mood ring.

I cannot tell you how often a project, a deadline, or a problem-to-solve has me stressed at my computer and, without prompting of any sort, a fluffy little head pops up under my arm as if to say "hey there, you need a hug? dontcha? sure ya do. lets snuggle, yo."

Companion dogs, even as work mates are, of course, nothing new. From the dogs who used to keep shepherds company and help keep the cattle in line, to "boat dogs" like the Keeshond (a breed I owned as a boy) which would keep Dutch sailors company back in the 18th century, man's best friend has a long history in the "office." There are as many different theories as to the WHY of it all as there are different kinds of dogs. Some say its a to-us-undetectable scent connected to stress level, where others believe that dogs are sharper at picking up subtle cues in body language since they have to rely more on non-verbal communication.

What I know for sure is that having a pet as a copilot helps me immeasurably throughout the day. Even on the easier days, there is no substitute for an officemate that provides unconditional love, even if the demand for tummy rubs can get in the way every one in a while. Office dogs.

If you have the means, I highly recommend adding one to the mix. (Sisarina HQ even has two!)