Do You Know Your Core Values?

You had a great idea. You started a business. You got yourself a logo, a website, and business cards. You headed off into sales mode to bring in customers. Now you have to let your sales team bring them in, but how can someone else talk about your company the way you do?

The answer: great branding and solid core values.

Sisarina is in the midst of branding and messaging a 30-year-old company but we had to figure out what the heck they did first. During our meeting with the President, we created a solid positioning statement, but when we got to the core values, she said, "I tried doing this with my team but they only came up with things like honesty and integrity. I just couldn't get over the fact that businesses should just operate with those inherently." They had never created a solid list of their values and, although very successful, had been operating on a one-word core value that also explained their business solution.

After 45 minutes and questions like "If you had to hire someone to replace yourself, what would you expect them to portray?", we had the best list of core values I've ever seen.

  • Open minds.
  • Keep your edge.
  • Spark the fire.
  • Drive the process.
  • Ask hard questions.
  • Live inspired.

Wow! We read them from the whiteboard painted wall and this President exclaimed, "I want to work for that company!"

THIS is what branding comes from. Now she had a basis to hire the right people, find the right clients, and meet the goals she has set.

It's your turn. Write down your core values, then refine them and make them wholly yours. Check out this worksheet to get you started. Then send us a love note and I will bring the workshop to you.