Content Creation Confessions

By Melanie Spring

What if no one cares?!

SCENE 1 - 8:05pm Tuesday
An entrepreneur sits in a cozy chair with her laptop busy clearing her inbox.
She checks her to do lists and prepares to write.
She takes a sip of wine and her brain quiets.
Her dog moves closer and begins to breathe deeply as he falls asleep.
She checks Facebook and finds a few great ideas for her blog post.
She notices herself getting tired.
<a voice in her head> “Get some sleep. Wake up early and do it tomorrow."
She closes her laptop and prepares for bed.
SCENE 2 - 7:00am Wednesday
The entrepreneur is showered and dressed. 
She sits with a cup of coffee checking her inbox, hoping for distractions.
She posts on Facebook and checks her notifications.
She emails her admin some instructions on upcoming travel.
She turns on some music and opens Evernote. 
Her dog comes in and curls up next to her.
She looks around for more distractions.
She reminds herself of her deadline. 
She begins to type.
SCENE 3 - 8:15am Wednesday
She looks up from her laptop smugly. 
“Oh man. That feels good. I need to remember this next time."
<a random voice> “Just like going to the gym, right? Runners' high, writers’ high. It’s all the same."
“Excuse me?! It’s not as easy as you think!"
<same random voice> “I’m pretty sure you just did it. It looked pretty easy."
“Shut up."
Creating content is hard. Coming up with an idea, figuring out how to start, managing to sound coherent, and making sure your audience will care - that’s hard! Oh, and not to mention - WHAT IF NO ONE READS IT!? You put all your time and effort into it - you woke up early and came up with a great idea and not one person comments, shares, or CARES! You’re talking to a wall. You’ve just wasted all that time and you could have been clearing out your inbox instead. You are busy! You have things to do. Why the heck would anyone do this to themselves?
I get it. That girl above - that’s me. I only knew how to write those scenes because that exact thing happened last night and this morning. I sat here distracting myself because I know I have plenty of other stuff (like client work and business development and...) to do rather than write another blog post. I’ve written blog posts for my business for almost 7 years and let me tell you - it gets old after awhile. And then I realized that I’M the one who is getting old. You know how I realized that? One of my colleagues wrote a blog post about her previous business life and TONS of people liked it, commented on it, shared it, and loved on her for it. You know why? Because she put her whole self into it. She gave you the dirty bits of hard love you needed in order to feel her pain and triumph. She walked you through her own Hero’s Journey. She felt the blog post while she was writing it and made you feel it with her. And guess who was jealous? Yep, you guessed it. I have lost my ability to get to the raw parts of myself and expose them. I have the equivalent of the Otterbox around me entrepreneurially (is that really a word?!). I expose only the parts I want to and the rest stays hidden because I’ve been crushed so many times and feel like I can’t afford to break again. 
So, after 7 years (Sisarina will be 7 on April 1, WHAT?!), I’m taking a new approach to writing. Yes, I’ll still be blogging, BUT it’s time to get with the times and enter the world of podcasting. I have to follow my own advice and go where my audience (all those humans) goes. And if I’m going to be sharing everything I’ve learned in ways people will listen, I’ve got to rock it on a podcast so you can listen at the gym, on a run, in the car, or on the metro. My team has been working with me since November to figure it all out - we have a name (Adventures in Branding!), topics, a format, and a microphone. You know what’s in my way? ME! I am a bit of perfectionist (a BIT?! ok, fine - a huge perfectionist) who can spot a typo in a book read by a person next to me on the metro. I want it to be REALLY good. But from everything I’ve read, I just need to start. I need to clear the distractions and do it. (insert Nike tagline)
Welcome to confession time: I need accountability. In order to build a podcast, I have to be super consistent or you, my audience, won’t stick around. But I don’t want to say things just to say things. You have busy schedules, just like I do. I want to know that what I put out to you is worth your time. That you’ll be able to apply it and never finish an episode saying “Oh man, that was a waste of time.” (I’ve listened to a TON of podcasts that were a waste of my time.) BUT I also want to know that it’s ok for the podcast to evolve and grow. I want to be frank, honest, open, and a little snuggly. And in the end, I want the accountability to be consistent so you get what you need to build your brand. But WHAT IF NO ONE LISTENS!? *furrows brow* "Shut up."
Now you know my struggle. It’s been 4 months of struggle trying to get myself out there again in a new way. To learn something new and not be so dang hard on myself. Let’s do something new together. My first podcasts will come out by March 18. I’ll have three finished. Make sure I do by telling me what you are struggling with. Tell me your confession. Tell me what you want to learn.
I'm ready to DO THE THING! 
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